Abdullah Khulaifi

Abdullah Khulaifi

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001 Al-Fatiha00:00:390.40MB
002 Al-Baqarah01:46:1048.69MB
003 Aal-E-Imran01:03:1229.03MB
004 An-Nisa01:07:4731.13MB
005 Al-Ma-idah00:48:1822.21MB
006 Al-Anaam00:49:1022.60MB
007 Al-Araf00:59:4227.42MB
008 Al-Anfal00:21:049.74MB
009 At-Tawba00:44:0120.25MB
010 Yunus00:30:5914.28MB
011 Hud00:31:5714.72MB
012 Yusuf00:31:4714.64MB
013 Ar-Rad00:13:486.41MB
014 Ibrahim00:13:216.21MB
015 Al-Hijr00:11:525.53MB
016 An-Nahl00:30:1413.93MB
017 Al-Isra00:24:5711.52MB
018 Al-Kahf00:24:5711.52MB
019 Maryam00:16:027.43MB
020 Ta-Ha00:20:599.70MB
021 Al-Anbiya00:18:598.79MB
022 Al-Hajj00:18:518.72MB
023 Al-Muminoon00:17:408.18MB
024 An-Noor00:21:5110.10MB
025 Al-Furqan00:14:566.93MB
026 Ash-Shuara00:22:5810.61MB
027 An-Naml00:18:578.77MB
028 Al-Qasas00:22:2210.33MB
029 Al-Ankaboot00:15:016.97MB
030 Ar-Rum00:13:226.22MB
031 Luqman00:07:463.65MB
032 As-Sajda00:05:442.72MB
033 Al-Ahzab00:21:079.76MB
034 Saba00:13:026.06MB
035 Fatir00:11:285.35MB
036 Ya-Seen00:12:015.60MB
037 As-Saaffat00:14:216.66MB
038 Sad00:12:075.65MB
039 Az-Zumar00:17:308.11MB
040 Ghafir00:18:398.63MB
041 Fussilat00:12:095.66MB
042 Ash-Shura00:12:405.90MB
043 Az-Zukhruf00:14:056.55MB
044 Ad-Dukhan00:06:032.86MB
045 Al-Jathiya00:07:373.59MB
046 Al-Ahqaf00:10:044.71MB
047 Muhammad00:08:203.91MB
048 Al-Fath00:08:213.92MB
049 Al-Hujraat00:05:182.52MB
050 Qaf00:06:203.00MB
051 Adh-Dhariyat00:05:502.77MB
052 At-Tur00:05:192.53MB
053 An-Najm00:05:562.81MB
054 Al-Qamar00:05:522.78MB
055 Ar-Rahman00:08:083.82MB
056 Al-Waqia00:07:173.43MB
057 Al-Hadid00:09:124.31MB
058 Al-Mujadila00:07:463.65MB
059 Al-Hashr00:07:123.39MB
060 Al-Mumtahina00:05:442.72MB
061 As-Saff00:03:271.67MB
062 Al-Jumua00:02:401.31MB
063 Al-Munafiqoon00:02:551.43MB
064 At-Taghabun00:04:122.02MB
065 At-Talaq00:04:412.24MB
066 At-Tahrim00:04:192.07MB
067 Al-Mulk00:04:542.34MB
068 Al-Qalam00:04:532.33MB
069 Al-Haaqqa00:04:132.03MB
070 Al-Maarij00:03:361.75MB
071 Nooh00:03:361.75MB
072 Al-Jinn00:04:162.05MB
073 Al-Muzzammil00:03:071.52MB
074 Al-Muddaththir00:04:051.97MB
075 Al-Qiyama00:02:401.32MB
076 Al-Insan00:04:031.95MB
077 Al-Mursalat00:03:131.57MB
078 An-Naba00:03:241.65MB
079 An-Naziat00:03:161.59MB
080 Abasa00:02:321.26MB
081 At-Takwir00:01:460.90MB
082 Al-Infitar00:01:220.72MB
083 Al-Mutaffifin00:02:521.41MB
084 Al-Inshiqaq00:01:410.87MB
085 Al-Burooj00:01:400.86MB
086 At-Tariq00:01:010.56MB
087 Al-Ala00:01:110.64MB
088 Al-Ghashiya00:01:320.80MB
089 Al-Fajr00:02:091.08MB
090 Al-Balad00:01:120.64MB
091 Ash-Shams00:00:550.52MB
092 Al-Lail00:01:100.63MB
093 Ad-Dhuha00:00:430.42MB
094 Al-Inshirah00:00:270.30MB
095 At-Tin00:00:350.36MB
096 Al-Alaq00:01:070.60MB
097 Al-Qadr00:00:300.33MB
098 Al-Bayyina00:01:250.75MB
099 Az-Zalzala00:00:370.38MB
100 Al-Adiyat00:00:430.43MB
101 Al-Qaria00:00:360.37MB
102 At-Takathur00:00:290.32MB
103 Al-Asr00:00:190.24MB
104 Al-Humaza00:00:350.37MB
105 Al-Fil00:00:270.30MB
106 Quraish00:00:220.27MB
107 Al-Maun00:00:260.29MB
108 Al-Kauther00:00:150.21MB
109 Al-Kafiroon00:00:300.32MB
110 An-Nasr00:00:240.28MB
111 Al-Masadd00:00:240.28MB
112 Al-Ikhlas00:00:140.20MB
113 Al-Falaq00:00:210.25MB
114 An-Nas00:00:230.27MB

About Abdullah Khulaifi

Country: Saudi Arabia

Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Abdullah Hurafi (may Allah have mercy on him) is the imam and khateeb (the one who dedicated the khutbah) of the Islamic temple. He was born in al-Bukairiya in 1333H and grew up in a home full of knowledge and noise. His father was the chief of the city, a great scholar and judge.

When the Quran was remembered, Sheikh Abdullah Khulaifi was less than 15 years old. He served as his father’s assistant in a mosque in Abu Koiliya and started as Aam, and later moved to the Namra Mosque in the same city, where his reputation became famous among children who wanted to pray to him.

Some people who were close to the late King Faisal bin bind Abdul Aziz (may Allah have mercy on him) mentioned that the king ordered Sheikh Kulafi Khulaifi) came to find him so that he could pray with him and make him his special magnet in Taif. That was in the early 1360s (Hegira). He continued to serve as an Imam in the palace for two years, and then in 1365H King Faisal (may Allah have mercy on his soul) ordered him to be the Imam and khateeb of Masjidul Haraam. This is the last ten days of Ramadan late at night, after the imam, Salaatul Tahajjud (Salaatul Tahajjud) performed for the first time at the assembly of the chapel (Masjidul Haraam). This continued until his death in 1414H.

About his last few hours, his son Abdur-Rahman bin Abdullah al-Khulaifi told us: “We arrived at the al-Radf suburb of Ta’if on Monday 28th, 1414H, after salaatul Asr. My father looked very good. It was normal, but he was not complaining that I was sick and had no symptoms. He sent me to a nearby market to buy some supplies. When I came back, I found him very nervous and stressed. The doctor, but he refused, and Ask me to put a mattress on him so that he can rest. He rested for about half an hour, then I asked him to go home with me, and he agreed. He stood up, acted like a witch, and then sat in the car with me. When we were on our way home, the tension and pressure returned, and she vomited several times. When this happened, he seemed to miss his daily prayer / dictation very much, and his voice was very weak. Suddenly he stopped speaking, his breathing became shallow, his chest began to vibrate, and his eyes were fixed, so I took him to King Faisal’s hospital in Taif, and the doctor told me he was in Mag before arriving at the hospital. . Maghrib Adhaan died earlier in a car. It was then that he used to prepare salat with the Masjidul Haraam congregation.

He added: “On 1414H, the next day, Tuesday 1414H, his funeral prayers were performed at the ka gate after Saratel Asr of Masjidul Haraam. Bah, the place where he led people to pray for almost fifty years. He was buried in the al-Adl cemetery, and funeral prayers were performed for those who were unable to do the first prayer at Masjidul Haraam. We still remember it fresh, especially during Ramadan, especially when we listen to the Quran (Allahhu noorus-samaawaati wal ard), which Saratto Maghreb often recites in the Holy Land. May Allah Ta’aala have mercy on him with his great mercy.”

001 Al-Fatiha