037 As-Saaffat

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Abdullahi Abba Zaria00:21:047,33 MB
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Abdur Rasheed Sufi - [ad-Doori und Abi Amr]00:18:0716,68 MB
Abdur Rasheed Sufi - [Shubah an Asim]00:18:2716,99 MB
Abdur Rasheed Sufi - [Soosi]00:17:1623,81 MB
Abdur Rasheed Sufi - [Khalaf]0:17:5912,35 MB
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Abu Abdullah Munir Al Tounsi0:24:3111,23 MB
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Al Ashry Omran0:16:3015.10 MB
Al Fateh Muhammad Zubair0:15:587,31 MB
Al Husayni Al Azazi0:20:2318,67 MB
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Ali Abdur-Rahman al-Huthaify - [Qaloon]00:22:4220,87 MB
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Ali Barrak0:32:177,40 MB
Ali Hajjaj Souissi0:20:2818,75 MB
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Aziz Alili0:17:4916,32 MB
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Bandar Baleela00:20:129,84 MB
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Dawood Hamza0:16:5415,49 MB
Eid Hassan Abu Aachra0:20:4719,03 MB
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Tarife Abbad0:17:1623,72 MB
Fatih Seferagic00:17:1611,96 MB
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Hatem Fareed Alwaer0:19:5918,30 MB
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Hussam Siddiq Khoja00:16:107,43 MB
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Ibrahim Al-Dossari0:24:5317,10 MB
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Imad Zuhair Hafez0:22:5814,59 MB
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Jazza Al Swaileh0:18:3116,96 MB
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Khalid Abdulkafi0:14:5113,61 MB
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Khalid Al Mohanna0:24:158,34 MB
Khalifa Al Tunaiji0:21:068,46 MB
Laayoun El Kouchi0:19:5212,80 MB
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Le Saint Coran traduit en francais - Französische Übersetzung0:11:342,65 MB
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Mahmoud Khalil Al-Husary0:33:4611,59 MB
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Mahmoud Moujahid0:08:175,69 MB
Mahmoud Saad Darouich0:15:517,26 MB
Mahmoud sagte Eltayeb0:20:194,65 MB
Mishary Rashid Alafasy0:24:2422,35 MB
Mishary Rashid Alafasy - Englische Übersetzung - [Muhsin Khan] - Saabir00:40:4356.02MB
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Moeedh Alharthi0:12:5411,82 MB
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Mohamed Abdel Samia Raslan0:23:2521,45 MB
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Mohamed El Kantaoui0:16:0818,47 MB
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Mohamed Maabad0:17:213,98 MB
Mohamed Osman Khan0:18:0216,51 MB
Mohamed Shaaban Abu Qarn0:24:5122,76 MB
Mohamed Tablawi0:23:3921,66 MB
Mohammad Almonshed0:17:0515,64 MB
Mohammad Ismaeel Al-Muqaddim0:17:5816,46 MB
Mohammad Rachad Al Shareef0:21:3719,79 MB
Mohammed Ayoub Abu Mazen0:20:294,69 MB
Mohammed Bin Saleh Abu Zaid0:14:533,41 MB
Mohammed Mustafa Al Zayat0:22:2520,54 MB
Mohy El-Din Al Kourdi0:19:374,50 MB
Muftah Alsaltany0:14:1319,52 MB
Mufti Ismail Menk00:14:3020,39 MB
Muhammad Abdul Kareem0:16:4015,26 MB
Muhammad Al Subayyil00:22:2610,37 MB
Muhammad Al-Aalim Al-Dokali0:19:2817,84 MB
Muhammad Al-Luhaidan0:17:5216,36 MB
Muhammad al-Mehysni0:13:5919,19 MB
Muhammad Anwar Shahat0:22:035,05 MB
Muhammad Ayyub - Englische Übersetzung - Muhsin Khan - Mikaal Waters00:37:0851.08MB
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Muhammad Khaleel Al-Qari00:20:5419.23 MB
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Muhammad Siddiq al-Minshawi0:36:3412,56 MB
Muhammad Siddiq al-Minshawi - Mujawwad00:36:3350,30 MB
Muhammad Sulaiman Patel00:13:2324,61 MB
Muhammad Zarami00:28:0825,86 MB
Musa Bilal0:13:3112,38 MB
Mustafa Al Lahouni0:19:086,58 MB
Mustafa Ismail0:20:2318,67 MB
Mustafa Raad Al Azzawi0:18:2716,90 MB
Mustapha Gharbi0:18:476,45 MB
Nabil Ar Rifai0:16:5518,11 MB
Nasser Al Qatami0:19:0913,16 MB
Neamah Al-Hassan0:22:437,80 MB
Noreen Muhammad Siddique - Al-Duri über Abu Amr00:20:0536,89 MB
Nourddine Amzil0:20:0918,46 MB
Omar Al Kazabri0:20:564,79 MB
Rachid Belaachya0:11:063,18 MB
Rachid Belalia0:17:2916,01 MB
Rachid Ifrad0:30:1255,31 MB
Saad al-Ghamdi0:17:416,07 MB
Sabre Abdul Hakam0:16:486,73 MB
Sadaqat Ali0:15:2521.18 MB
Sahl Yasin0:16:5815,54 MB
Sagte Al-Shaalan0:15:063,46 MB
Salah Al Hashem0:19:5618.25MB
Salah Al-Budair0:14:079,69 MB
Salah Ba-Uthman00:17:147,98 MB
Salah Bukhatir0:18:438,57 MB
Saleh Al Sahood0:20:4919,07 MB
Samih Taha Kandil0:20:204,66 MB
Samir Belaachya0:18:108,32 MB
Saud Al-Shuraim0:12:4611,70 MB
Sagte Ramadan0:16:0714,76 MB
Shahriar Parhizgar0:16:001,84 MB
Shawqy Hamed00:20:2418,77 MB
Shirazad Taher0:18:2216,82 MB
Sudais und Shuraym - Englische Übersetzung - [Pickthall] - Aslam Athar00:26:5737,10 MB
Sudais und Shuraym - Urdu-Übersetzung00:25:2923,43 MB
Sudais und Shuraym - Englische Übersetzung - [Pickthall] - Naeem Sultan00:25:5414,84 MB
Taha Mohamed Abdulrahman Al-Fahad0:16:1414,86 MB
Talaat Afifi0:19:134,40 MB
Tareq Abdulgani Daawob0:20:488,34 MB
Tawfeeq als Sayegh0:18:4217,13 MB
Turki Al Rumaih0:23:0421,12 MB
Wadee Hammadi Al Yamani00:22:2020,54 MB
Waleed Idrees Al-Maneese0:18:224,21 MB
Waleed Naehi0:16:3215,14 MB
Wassel Almethen0:12:5911,90 MB
Yahya Hawwa0:16:047,36 MB
Yassen Al Jazairi0:20:0612,62 MB
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Yasser Al Mazroyee0:19:117,69 MB
Yasser Qureshi0:23:1621,30 MB
Yasser Salama0:22:3520,68 MB
Yasser Sarhan Eldeeb0:20:4118,94 MB
Yousuf Alshoaey0:21:0319,28 MB
Yousuf Bin Noah Ahmad0:16:367,61 MB
Zaki Daghistani0:22:2214,31 MB

Overview: As-Saaffat

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037 As-Saaffat

This is a middle Makki Surah and its name refers to the rows of angels, the different kinds of whom are mentioned at the beginning of this surah.
The jinns who can fly up to the heavens have been prevented from eavesdropping on the conversations of the angels, and are hit by meteors to repel them.

Nuha (AS) invited his people to the truth, but they rejected and so were drowned by Allaah (SWT). Nuh (AS) and his family were saved, and he was given an honorable mention in the coming generations.

Ibraheem (AS) tried to reason with his people, especially his father, the futility of worshipping idols, but they would not listen. So he destroyed all their statues and blamed it on the biggest idol, they realized their error but their stubbornness overtook their rationality. The resolved to punish Ibraheem (AS) by throwing him into a huge fire, but Allaah (SWT) saved him and he escaped from his people. He was blessed with Ismail (AS) through his wife Hajira (AS), but he dreamt of slaughtering him as a sacrifice to Allaah(SWT). He told Ismail (AS) of his dream, who told him to do as he was commanded. But when Ibraheem (AS) was about to slaughter him, Allaah (SWT) told him that he had fulfilled the dream and to slaughter a ram instead. So their willingness to sacrifice has been enshrined in the ritual of slaughtering every year during the days of Eid ul Adha.

Another son of Ibraheem (AS) was Ishaaq (AS), through his wife Sara (AS). Ishaaq (AS) and his children were blessed as prophets, and Musa (AS) and Harun (AS) were his descendants as well. They were the Children of Israel, as Israel was the title of Yaqub (AS), the son of Ishaaq (AS).

Similarly, prophets Elias (AS) and Lot (AS) were from those who were rejected by their people but Allaah (SWT) rewarded them for their dedication to His Way.

Yunus (AS) invited his people to Tawheed, but when they persisted on disbelief, he fled from them but without the permission of Allaah (SWT). He boarded a ship and it was rocked by stormy waves. Those aboard the ship decided that one must jump off so the ship can get light enough to sail, and drew lots to choose the person. Thrice they drew lots, and each time the name of Yunus (AS) came up, who knew this was the Divine decree and he must jump into the sea. When he jumped, a big whale found him and swallowed him. Inside the belly of the whale, Yunus (AS) repented and glorified Allaah (SWT), Who forgave him. Allaah (SWT) ordered the whale to throw him ashore and Yunus (AS) recovered under the shade of a gourd vine. He returned to his people, who repented from their disbelief and forgave them all.

The surah concludes with invoking peace upon the messengers of Allaah (SWT), and that all praise belongs to Allaah (SWT), the Lords of the Universe.

Aaar Al Hudhoudi