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About Mohamed Hassan

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Mohamed Hassan was able to successfully memorize the Holy Qur’an at the age of 8 with the assistance of Sheikh Misbah Mohammed Awad. He is also credited with having memorized many books from the Prophet’s biography, poetry and Arabic language, such as “Riad of Righteous”, “Ajarumia”, ”Masterpiece Tuck” to name a few.

Mohamed Hassan got himself educated in the legal science with the assistance of some of Al Azhar Sheikhs, and simultaneously, he graduated from the University of Cairo by attaining a Bachelors degree in information science, after which he enrolled himself into the Institute of the Islamic studies and got a Master degree in the same discipline.

At present, Mohamed Hassan is now a devoted and excellent Imam and preacher in many mosques in the Egyptian city Al Mansoura. He is also the Chairman of the Sunnis Complex Management.