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103 Al-Asr

Reciter: Mohammad Moussa Hamdan


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Surah 103 Al-Asr recited by Mohammad Moussa Hamdan

About Mohammad Moussa Hamdan

Mohammad Moussa Hamdan
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Country: Jordan

Mohammad Moussa Hamdan is born in 1982 in Jordan, Shaikh  Muhammad Moussa Hamdan is a shining star in the disciplines of Islamic studies, Qur’an and Islamic Shari’a.

He sought an excellent education in Jordan where he successfully procured a certificate in Al-Fiqh and added a gamut of other essential ones like that of Hafs A’n Assem, from Al Shatibiyyah and Dura roads, as well as a Sanad of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

The Shaykh has the immense pleasure of serving as an Imam in Masjid Khalil Al Rahman in Amman, Jordan.