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About Abdullah Basfar - English Translation [Ibrahim Walk]

Abdullah Basfar - English Translation [Ibrahim Walk]
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Country: Saudi Arabia

Abdullah Alkhayl Basfar was born in 1381 Hijrah. Having graduated from the University of King Aziz in Jeddah in 1406 Hijrah, the Sheikh went on to secure his Master’s degree in Fiqh and Usool from the Umm al Qura University in 1412 Hijrah. He did not stop there and obtained his doctorate in Fiqh in 1419 Hijrah.

He was recognized as a Qari during the Ramadan Qur’an Recitation nights in Jeddah. Abdullah Basfar enjoyed numerous positions and accolades from the start of his career, as listed below:

Imam of Masjid Mansour El Shaabi in Jeddah
Member of the Scholar Association at the University of the King Abdul Aziz
General secretary of the International League of Quran Studies and Learning [Tahfid al Quran].
He rewrote the Quran four times
Organizing conferences to create awareness
President of the International Instance for Holy Qur’an Memorization in association with the Muslim World League.

Besides the above, the Sheikh is an avid writer. His works include reflections upon Surah al Fatihah [Meditations on Al Fatiha] and Surah al Baqarah, Lights on the Quran management, A Journey with the Signs of Surat Yusuf, Ramadan: Verses and Facts, Al Seddik biography, Purification of the Soul and more.

In addition to his, he also delivers lectures and runs awareness programs on various topics such as terrorism, poverty and other social issues.