What to do if I notice mistakes in Quran recitations?
  1. Check with a qualified Reciter yourself
  2. Email us with clear explaination
  3. We will double check with our advisors

We will then confirm with our Quran advisors and make the necessary adjustments if required.

How can I get added as a reciter on Quran Central?

Contact a Qualified Reciter (Ijazah) to listen to your recordings, if he/she approves then:

  1. Upload a few all your recitations/surahs to Soundcloud or similar
  2. Get a qualified reciter (Ijazah) to approve all recitations. 
  3. Send us link to Recordings as per 1
  4. Wait for our approval – we use our own Quran Teachers to review 
  5. Once approved we will ask for all recordings
  6. And a biography
  7. And a profile picture
May I use Quran Central Audio ?

They are to be used solely for personal usage. If you wish to do anything else with them, get in contact with the reciters/publishers directly to get permissions. We do not provide contact details on any reciters.

Please will you put me in touch with a Reciter?

We do not provide this service. Try using the social media, websites and other online platforms of the person you are trying to reach.

Why was a Speaker or Qari removed or rejected?

A Person (Speaker, Show or Reciter) may removed or rejected for a number of reasons.

However, please note, we make use of an external advisors to remain maintain a level of unbias.

  • Person may opt out of being on our Platforms
  • Person may wish to host their own content
  • Person may wish to not have their content online any longer
  • Person has a convicted criminal record or clearly linked to terrorism
  • Person actively makes unnecessary divisive content
  • Person attacking other scholars 
  • Person is not suitably qualified and so on 
  • Quran recordings are sent to a Tajweed Expert to see if suitable for public consumption
  • Quran Recordings are not decent enough quality

Shukran for your understanding.

I would a Qari added

Send us their full name and a sample to as much of their quran audio as possible.


Kindly, keep your inquiry directly related to our organisation and projects. Ensure your inquiry is not covered above.