002 Al-Baqara

Reciter: Al Ashry Omran


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About Al Ashry Omran

Al Ashry Omran
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Country: Egypt

Al Ashry Omran is born in Sohag, Egypt, Shaykh Dr. Al Ashry Omran Abu Ayyub Al Fizari is unarguably an invaluable gem in the field of Imamat and preaching.

He is currently working in Omar Ibn Abdul Aziz mosque, in Badr city.

He acquired his elementary education in his native place after which he set base for high school in “Juhaina Al Azhari”, followed by enrolling into the faculty of “Islamic Da’wa” in Cairo where he finally received his Ph.D. in 2011.

After gathering hold over “Oussoul Al Tajweed”, his training of the recitation of the Quran was overseen by Shaykh Dr. Abbas Al Masri after which he procured the certification of Hafas Aen Assem’s and Shuaba Aen Assem’s recitation.

The Egyptian Ministry of Awqaf designated Shaykh Omran to lead the prayers as an Imam and a preacher which was succeeded by serving as Imam in the“Al Sadiq” mosque in “Al Sheraton” residences.

Not only does the Shaykh have innumerable and invaluable audio and visual recordings, he has his theses which is yet to be on paper – “The relationship between the preachers in the modern era and its impact on Da’wa movement” and “Habits from the book Ihya of Imam Al-Ghazali: an advocacy and critical study”. To hone his understanding of Riyadh Al Salihin and make for the larger benefit to the Muslim Ummah, he is known to have sought the wisdom of Shaykh Uthaymeen and Shaykh Al Imam Al Nawawi.

Presently, Shaykh Omran is employed in “Omar Ibn Abdul Aziz” mosque in Badr city.