002 Al-Baqara

Reciter: Antar Muslim


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About Antar Muslim

Antar Muslim
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Country: Egypt

Sheikh Antar Saîde Muslim set foot into this world in El Aâma, Egypt in 1936. He is a huge name in the world of Quran recitation and Ilm e Tajweed and this feat has been achieved and realized in spite of being visually handicapped by a stroke of illness at a very young age.

Having successfully memorized the Quran at a tender age of 8, Shaykh Muslim got his education of the Quran from the Azhar school which set his foot firmly into the Islamic world of Quran Riwayat.

Sheikh Muslim left for his heavenly abode, aged 66, albeit with a plethora of recordings and work that can be of benefit to millions of young Muslim learners.