Akram Al Aalakmi

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About Akram Al Aalakmi

Akram Al Aalakmi
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Country: Egypt

Shaykh Akram Al Sayyid Abdullah Ismail Al Aalakmi, of Egyptian origin, set foot into this world in December 1971.

His first success in the field of Quran learning was getting certified with “Ten Readings”, according to Hafs A’n Assem recitation, the icing on the cake seemed to be an honorable recommendation from Sheikh Issa Al Maasaraoui based on the innate talent and gift of recitation that he had inherited and mastered diligently.

His professional life saw Imamat being his true calling with him serving to lead prayers at prominent Masjids like  Abdullah Bin Masaud mosque, Ansar Al Sunna Al Muhammadiya mosque, Chabab Al Islam mosque among many more.

Preaching was the next big jump in his career which saw him designated in the same position in “Abdullah Bin Masaud” mosque in association with the Ministry of Awqaf.

Presently, a student in the last phase of specialization at the Institute of readings he is also serving as an Imam in many Masajids in various Arabic countries along with educating eager learners with the nuances of Quran for a period of over 25 years now. The media personnel and Muslim Ummah have also benefitted immensely from his Quranic recitations on Al Majd channel, Al Hafid channel and Al-Fajr channel.