Al Husayni Al Azazi

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About Al Husayni Al Azazi

Al Husayni Al Azazi
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Country: Egypt

Al Husayni Al Azazi is born in 1956 in Egypt and was a great discovery for Islam and Quranic recitations not to forget Tajweed nuances.

High certifications of Quranic readings from “Al Azhar Al Sharif” and the certification in the “Ten readings” blessed him in 1987 not to forget a certificate of appreciation from the  “Ibn Kathir” Quran memorization center.

His professional career soon took a giant leap and that saw his designation as a teacher for Quranic sciences and for “Ten readings” in the department of Usool ad-Din in the Shari’a and Islamic studies faculty based in Qatar University which he succeeded with an appointment in “Al Azhar Al Sharif”.

He has led prayers in various masjids in Jeddah as an Imam and preacher.It is of special interest and a matter of pride that Sheikh Al Husayni Al Azazi has been made to judge several Quran reading competitions in Qatar University, thanks to his widespread and excellent knowledge of the Quran.