Amir Al Mohalhal

Amir Al Mohalhal

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001 Al-Fatiha0:00:480.19MB
008 Al-Anfal0:36:288.35MB
012 Yusuf0:39:489.12MB
014 Ibrahim0:18:264.23MB
015 Al-Hijr0:15:123.48MB
016 An-Nahl0:38:478.88MB
017 Al-Isra0:43:099.88MB
018 Al-Kahf0:30:106.91MB
019 Maryam0:22:595.27MB
020 Ta-Ha0:37:568.69MB
021 Al-Anbiya0:35:518.21MB
023 Al-Muminoon0:32:407.48MB
027 An-Naml0:35:598.24MB
030 Ar-Room0:29:136.69MB
031 Luqman0:11:082.55MB
032 As-Sajda0:07:311.73MB
033 Al-Ahzab0:25:345.86MB
034 Saba0:15:323.56MB
035 Fatir0:19:524.55MB
036 Ya-Seen0:19:244.45MB
038 Sad0:15:003.44MB
039 Az-Zumar0:22:555.25MB
041 Fussilat0:17:133.95MB
042 Ash-Shura0:17:043.91MB
043 Az-Zukhruf0:16:323.79MB
044 Ad-Dukhan0:07:061.63MB
045 Al-Jathiya0:09:212.15MB
046 Al-Ahqaf0:12:562.97MB
055 Ar-Rahman0:10:222.38MB
056 Al-Waqia0:09:072.09MB
058 Al-Mujadila0:09:442.23MB
059 Al-Hashr0:09:052.09MB
061 As-Saff0:05:171.21MB
062 Al-Jumua0:04:140.97MB
063 Al-Munafiqoon0:04:381.07MB
064 At-Taghabun0:05:211.23MB
065 At-Talaq0:06:231.47MB
066 At-Tahrim0:05:051.17MB
068 Al-Qalam0:06:221.46MB
075 Al-Qiyama0:04:170.99MB

About Amir Al Mohalhal

Country: Saudi Arabia

Shaykh Amir Bin Ahmad Bin Yahya Al Mohalhal, who was born in 1405 in Saudi Arabia is a name that needs no introduction with his voice being the renderer of amazingly beautiful recitations of the Quran with perfect Tajweed.

At the same time of receiving words of appreciation and encouragement from perfectionists in the field namely Sheikh Sami Aid, Sheikh Sahl Bin Zin Yassine, and Sheikh Waleed Al Mesbahi regarding Hafs A’n Assem El Koufi recitation method from Al Shatibiyyah, he also managed to procure a Bachelors degree in Sharia from the Islamic University of Imam Muhammad Bin Saud, Jeddah.

Sheikh Amir Al Mohalhal has to his credit the honor of leading the prayers as an Imam in the mosque of Bayta at the age of twelve. He carried forward his choice of career by continuing Imamate in the various mosques of Jeddah, the most prominent among them being King Faisal in Baghdadia, the mosque of Zayed Al Khair in Al Naim, and the mosque of Umm Al Muminin Khadija Bint Khuwailid in Al Zahraa no tot forget teaching Quran at Abdul Rahman Bin Auf and  Bara bin Azib mosque in Jeddah.

Sheikh Amir Al Mohalhal has been entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing Quranic memorization in governmental institutions.

001 Al-Fatiha