Anas Al Emadi

Audio Episodes: 17

001 Al-Fatiha0:00:45 · 0.18MB
010 Yunus0:28:00 · 6.41MB
012 Yusuf0:29:37 · 6.79MB
014 Ibrahim0:15:22 · 3.52MB
019 Maryam0:16:06 · 3.69MB
020 Ta-Ha0:17:56 · 4.11MB
021 Al-Anbiya0:16:44 · 3.84MB
032 As-Sajda0:07:18 · 1.68MB
041 Fussilat0:14:03 · 3.22MB
045 Al-Jathiya0:08:23 · 1.92MB
050 Qaf0:07:05 · 1.63MB
051 Adh-Dhariyat0:05:55 · 1.36MB
054 Al-Qamar0:06:10 · 1.42MB
055 Ar-Rahman0:07:46 · 1.78MB
061 As-Saff0:04:51 · 1.12MB
067 Al-Mulk0:05:34 · 1.28MB
099 Az-Zalzala0:01:01 · 0.24MB

About Anas Al Emadi

Anas Al Emadi
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Country: Bahrain

Anas Al Emadi is a possessor of the unique and gifted talent of being an excellent Quran reciter and Imam, Anas Bin Issa Al Emadi was given to this world in Bahrain in 1983.

At the tender age of 5, Anas Al Emadi found the beacon of light in being educated at Abdullah Bin Saud Centre for Quranic memorizations in Hadd, Bahrain. He has had the privilege and honor to have studied under the fine gems of Islamic education Sheikh Abdul Halim Mahmoud Al Qari’a, Sheikh Ibrahim Abdullah Al Mannai, Shaykh Adel Zaman and many more. After graduation, he moved his interest towards finishing his University in the United Arab Emirates, where he garnered Ilm in Islamic Shari’a and it was authenticated by the famous Sheikh Muhammad Ahmed Shakroun.

It is only a matter of extreme bliss to be blessed by the Sheikha of the Alexandrian Quran readers, Oum Al Saad Ali Najm, when she recognized his diligence and impeccable acumen as a Quran reader and granted him a certification according to Hafs Aen Assem‘s recitation from Al Shatibiyyah and Al Taiba

This bouquet of accolades and praise saw the light of the future with the Shaykh now tutoring Sheikh Ali Alhodaifi, Sheikh Muhammad Ayoub, and Sheikh Ibrahim Al Akhdar.

Currently, Shaykh Anas is serving as an Imam in the mosque of Ali Bin Jabr Al Thani in Al Hadd, Bahrain.

001 Al-Fatiha