Eid Hassan Abu Aachra

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About Eid Hassan Abu Aachra

Eid Hassan Abu Aachra
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Country: Egypt

Eid Hassan Sayed Ahmad Abu Aachra was born in the year 1977 in the Egyptian village Oum Dinar.

Memorization of the Holy Quran happened at the tender age of 9 after which the inclination towards Quran studies peaked further which saw him achieve certifications like in Tajweed in 1933 from the Institute of Quran readings, the Hafs Aan Assem’s certification under the supervision and able guidance of Sheikh Abdul Hakim Abdullatif Abdullah Al Masri and the Ten readings certification from Sheikh Salah ud Din Al Tijani Al Hassani.

Currently, he leads prayers as an Imam in the Egyptian shooting club mosque and in Mustafa Mahmoud mosque along with rendering his innate wisdom of Quran Sciences to the Al Azhar Institute.