Fatih Seferagic

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About Fatih Seferagic

Fatih Seferagic
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Country: USA

Fatih Seferagic, was born in Germany and possessing Bosnian nationality, Fatih Seferagic shifted base to the USA at the age of tender age of 4.

Under the able guidance of distinguished Shaykh Qari Zahid & Qari Abid, he finished his Hifdh at the Islamic Society of Baltimore and then moved to Dallas to achieve mastery in the classical Arabic language. He stayed there for ten months and diligently practiced the same in Bayyinah Dream Program.

After completing Hifz, his heart yearned for more and this took him towards ‘Riwayat’ and to strengthen his understanding and control of the nuances of recitation of the Holy Quran.

Currently residing in Houston as a student and a Quran teacher, he also simultaneously handles the ultimate responsibility of inculcating good Islamic values and knowledge of the Deen in his role as the Youth Leader in The Sheikh Yasir Birjas Mosque in Dallas.