Hasan Al-Husaini

Hasan Al-Husaini

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074 Al-Muddaththir0:05:40
075 Al-Qiyama0:03:46
076 Al-Insan0:05:07
077 Al-Mursalat0:04:11

About Hasan Al-Husaini

Country: Saudi Arabia

Hasan Al-Husaini is born in 1976 in Saudi Arabiaand is an Islamic preacher par excellence and of high repute.

Shaykh Hasan Al-Husaini has obtained his Bachelor’s degree from the Shariah Faculty that comes under the Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University and in the Quran and the Hadith in addition to mastering in History in Bahrain.

Moreover, he is a respected and distinguished member of the Shariah Scholars Association in the Gulf,  of the Executive Committee of the Association of the Bahraini Family and  of the association “Al-Aal wa Al-Ashab” which is an association that provides clarifications and details about the relationship between the companions of the Prophet ﷺ  and Ahl-al-Bayt (the family of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ ).

He is also active on the media front by being actively involved in animating different religious programs such as ‘Sahwat Bahrain” (Bahrain’s awakening), “Ayam Omar” (Omar’s life) and much more.

He is presently working on his doctoral thesis about the Sahabah.

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