Hasan Ali Moraib

Hasan Ali Moraib

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001 Al-Fatiha0:01:000.24MB
002 Al-Baqara2:14:0130.68MB
003 Aal-E-Imran1:19:0518.11MB
018 Al-Kahf0:33:567.77MB
019 Maryam0:18:454.30MB
020 Ta-Ha0:27:526.39MB
025 Al-Furqan0:19:294.46MB
035 Fatir0:16:383.81MB
036 Ya-Seen0:14:553.42MB
055 Ar-Rahman0:08:482.02MB
056 Al-Waqia0:08:452.01MB
067 Al-Mulk0:07:151.66MB
068 Al-Qalam0:07:031.62MB
069 Al-Haaqqa0:06:391.53MB
070 Al-Maarij0:05:191.22MB
071 Nooh0:04:431.08MB
072 Al-Jinn0:05:191.22MB
073 Al-Muzzammil0:04:110.96MB
074 Al-Muddaththir0:05:351.28MB
075 Al-Qiyama0:03:530.89MB
076 Al-Insan0:05:291.26MB
077 Al-Mursalat0:04:180.99MB
078 An-Naba0:04:120.97MB
079 An-Naziat0:03:540.90MB
080 Abasa0:03:210.77MB
081 At-Takwir0:02:060.49MB
082 Al-Infitar0:01:450.41MB
083 Al-Mutaffifin0:03:580.92MB
084 Al-Inshiqaq0:02:150.52MB
085 Al-Burooj0:02:210.54MB
086 At-Tariq0:01:230.32MB
087 Al-Ala0:01:220.32MB
088 Al-Ghashiya0:01:550.44MB
089 Al-Fajr0:03:100.73MB
090 Al-Balad0:01:290.35MB
091 Ash-Shams0:01:120.28MB
092 Al-Lail0:01:250.33MB
093 Ad-Dhuha0:00:550.22MB
094 Al-Inshirah0:00:340.14MB
095 At-Tin0:00:440.17MB
096 Al-Alaq0:01:200.31MB
098 Al-Bayyina0:01:500.43MB
099 Az-Zalzala0:00:460.18MB
100 Al-Adiyat0:00:490.19MB
101 Al-Qaria0:00:450.18MB
102 At-Takathur0:00:360.14MB
103 Al-Asr0:00:190.08MB
104 Al-Humaza0:00:410.16MB
105 Al-Fil0:00:300.12MB
106 Quraish0:00:280.11MB
107 Al-Maun0:00:330.13MB
108 Al-Kauther0:00:180.07MB
109 Al-Kafiroon0:00:350.14MB
110 An-Nasr0:00:270.11MB
111 Al-Masadd0:00:310.12MB
112 Al-Ikhlas0:00:170.07MB
113 Al-Falaq0:00:260.10MB
114 An-Nas0:00:360.14MB

About Hasan Ali Moraib

Country: Lebanon

Hasan Ali Moraib set foot into the world in 1980 in Tripoli, Libya.

His childhood saw him completely enamored by the art of memorization of the Book of Allah, the nuances of Tajweed and the fundamentals of it. This led him to obviously attain a certification in Islamic Shari’a from the Faculty of Shari’a according to the Fatwa house in addition to a diploma in Islamic studies from the same university, following it with a Masters and Ph.D. in information and media sciences from the Faculty of Arts in Alexandria, Egypt.

Under the supreme and immaculate guidance of Shaykh Dr. Ahmad Al Maasaraoui., he found his giving in the form of complete and successful memorization of the Quran.

His career graph saw him attempting various jobs including being a vocal expert in Al-Fajr TV channel, a vice director of the Quranic reading affairs, a Quranic reader chooser for Al-Fajr channel amongst many more.

After having  gathered experience as an Imam and as a preacher in Omar Ibn Al Khattab mosque in Tripoli, and the mosque Al Malik Al Za’im, and in Bahae Eddine Al Hariri’s mosque, true calling came to him in the form of responsibility for the affairs of mosques in the General Directorate of Islamic Awqaf in Lebanon between 2006 and 2009,

Giving wings to his prodigal talent and efficiency pertaining to Quran, Hasan Ali has innumerable accolades and recognition to his credit namely, winning the best Quran reader competition in Lebanon in 2003 , participation in the 2004 Malaysia and Indonesia International Quran recitation competitions,  in the 2007 World Peace Conference in Mumbai, India, contribution to the establishment of the World Orphan Care Authority in 2009. The jewel in the crown is receiving a Royal invitation to grace with his presence in the Ramadan Hassaniya lessons in 2010 and 2012.

001 Al-Fatiha