Ibrahim Al-Jibreen

Ibrahim Al-Jibreen

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001 Al-Fatiha0:00:350.54MB
019 Maryam0:19:1317.60MB
023 Al-Muminoon0:23:0521.14MB
036 Ya-Seen0:14:1513.05MB
037 As-Saaffat0:17:0415.63MB
078 An-Naba0:03:203.06MB
079 An-Naziat0:03:042.82MB
080 Abasa0:02:432.50MB
081 At-Takwir0:02:322.33MB
082 Al-Infitar0:02:262.23MB
083 Al-Mutaffifin0:03:092.90MB
084 Al-Inshiqaq0:02:282.27MB
085 Al-Burooj0:02:442.51MB
086 At-Tariq0:00:580.90MB
087 Al-Ala0:01:000.92MB
088 Al-Ghashiya0:01:251.30MB
089 Al-Fajr0:03:503.52MB
090 Al-Balad0:01:191.21MB
091 Ash-Shams0:00:530.82MB
092 Al-Lail0:01:091.06MB
093 Ad-Dhuha0:01:091.07MB
094 Al-Inshirah0:00:300.46MB
095 At-Tin0:00:410.63MB
096 Al-Alaq0:01:251.30MB
097 Al-Qadr0:00:260.41MB
098 Al-Bayyina0:01:271.34MB
099 Az-Zalzala0:02:142.05MB
100 Al-Adiyat0:00:590.91MB
101 Al-Qaria0:03:233.11MB
102 At-Takathur0:01:131.12MB
103 Al-Asr0:00:250.39MB
104 Al-Humaza0:00:570.87MB
105 Al-Fil0:00:230.36MB
106 Quraish0:00:180.28MB
107 Al-Maun0:00:240.37MB
108 Al-Kauther0:00:110.17MB
109 Al-Kafiroon0:00:240.38MB
110 An-Nasr0:00:220.35MB
111 Al-Masadd0:00:290.45MB
112 Al-Ikhlas0:00:100.17MB
113 Al-Falaq0:00:200.32MB
114 An-Nas0:00:410.63MB

About Ibrahim Al-Jibreen

Country: Saudi Arabia

Ibraheem ibn Jibreen bin Saad bin Abdullah al Jibreen made his way into this world in 1392 Hijri in Al Quwayiyah, Saudi Arabia.

After having memorised the Holy Quran successfully, Sheikh Ibrahim shifted interests towards receiving his Bachelors from the Mohammed bin Saud Islamic University, Riyadh with a degree from faculty of Usool al-Deen during 1419 -1420 after which his ultimate priority was to obtain a master’s degree for which he diligently prepared a thesis on the topic –  “Aspirations in the Quran and Sunnah: Advantages and Disadvantages”.

Conducting Imamat is not alien to this blessed and prolific Shaykh and ample proof is seen from him showing his prayer leading skills as an Imam in the mosque Ibn Qudamah Al Maqdisi in 1410, Mosque Al Shuhadaa, mosque Sheikh Ibn Al Baz in Shubra, mosque Sheikh Abdul Razzaq Afifi in 1426, and Mosque Al-Amira Al Anoud in 1427.

He is currently continuing his studies in the deen and is also an imam in Riyadh in Al Quwaiyah.

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