Imad Zuhair Hafez

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About Imad Zuhair Hafez

Imad Zuhair Hafez
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Country: Saudi Arabia

Imad Zuhair Hafez is born in Saudi Arabia.

Imad Zuhair Hafez, or Imad Zuhair Abdel Kader Hafez, is a well renowned and prolific Imam and Qur’an reciter. He has led prayers in many famous Masjids of Madinatul Munawwarah.

Holder of a Ph.D. in Islamic Sciences, Imad Zuhair is an accomplisher of many feats ranging from Quran Hifz, Tajweed learning, and publisher of many Islamic books and production of various albums, cassettes, and records for the propagation of Deen.

Imad Zuhair has also rendered his services by participating in numerous Islamic conferences discussing religious concerns which were held in Saudi Arabia and many diverse foreign countries.

Several works like “Al Manhaj As Sahih wa Atharou fi Addaâwa ila Allah” are the fruits of his labor which are enjoyed by the Muslim Ummah till this date.

Imad Zuhair Hafez presides and oversees the matters of and is a member of the board directors of The Holy Qur’an Memorization Association of Madinah.