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IsHaaq Jasat

Audio Episodes: 37

078 An-Naba00:04:25 · 4.04MB
079 An-Naziat00:04:11 · 3.83MB
080 Abasa00:03:28 · 3.18MB
081 At-Takwir00:02:34 · 2.35MB
082 Al-Infitar00:02:17 · 2.10MB
083 Al-Mutaffifin00:04:14 · 3.87MB
084 Al-Inshiqaq00:02:26 · 2.24MB
085 Al-Burooj00:02:46 · 2.53MB
086 At-Tariq00:01:33 · 1.43MB
087 Al-Ala00:01:39 · 1.51MB
088 Al-Ghashiya00:02:20 · 2.14MB
089 Al-Fajr00:03:29 · 3.20MB
090 Al-Balad00:01:55 · 1.75MB
091 Ash-Shams00:01:29 · 1.35MB
092 Al-Lail00:01:51 · 1.69MB
093 Ad-Dhuha00:01:04 · 0.98MB
094 Al-Inshirah00:00:41 · 0.62MB
095 At-Tin00:01:01 · 0.94MB
096 Al-Alaq00:01:39 · 1.51MB
097 Al-Qadr00:00:43 · 0.66MB
098 Al-Bayyina00:02:19 · 2.13MB
099 Az-Zalzala00:00:57 · 0.86MB
100 Al-Adiyat00:01:06 · 1.01MB
101 Al-Qaria00:01:00 · 0.91MB
102 At-Takathur00:00:49 · 0.74MB
103 Al-Asr00:00:26 · 0.39MB
104 Al-Humaza00:00:53 · 0.81MB
105 Al-Fil00:00:42 · 0.64MB
106 Quraish00:00:36 · 0.55MB
107 Al-Maun00:00:48 · 0.74MB
108 Al-Kauther00:00:21 · 0.32MB
109 Al-Kafiroon00:00:43 · 0.66MB
110 An-Nasr00:00:33 · 0.51MB
111 Al-Masadd00:00:39 · 0.59MB
112 Al-Ikhlas00:00:22 · 0.33MB
113 Al-Falaq00:00:33 · 0.50MB
114 An-Nas00:00:40 · 0.61MB

About IsHaaq Jasat

IsHaaq Jasat
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Country: England

Qari Is’Haaq is the founder and Director of National Huffadh Association UK. He has studied Tajweed and Qiraa’ah in Egypt & Morocco and is currently studying the Saba’ Qiraa’ah (7 Different ways of recital). He is a qualified Teacher and has vast experience of teaching in a school setting and currently is the Humanities and Head of Learning Year 8 at London Enterprise Academy in London.

Also, Qari Is’Haaq has successfully completed an LLB (Hons) Law degree at the University of East London and undertook the Legal Practice Course at Leeds Metropolitan University. He is a qualified Solicitor by profession and memorised the Holy Qur’aan by the age of 11 at Quwwat ul Islam Masjid, London.

Qari Is’Haaq currently is a part-time Imaam at London Islamic Cultural Society in North London. He has also been invited to lead the Taraweeh prayers in Jordan, India, Morocco & Germany. Furthermore, he has taken part in various International Qur’aan Competitions around the world, notably in: Egypt, Croatia, India and Morocco, in which he has represented the UK.

He has deep passion and love for The Qur’aan and is always involved in organising Qiraa’ah events in London with International Reciters. He is a TV personality too; Qari Is’Haaq appears regularly on the Recite! show on Islam Channel, one of the judges for Eman Channel Ramadan Juz Amma Competition and was one of the head Judges for the IQRA TV ‘Q Factor’ National Qur’aan Competition. He is actively involved in organizing and judging other Qur’aan competitions across the UK. He has also recently established Quraan Movement UK, which is an online platform, aimed at involving youngsters and spreading the love of Qur’aan.

May The Almighty accept and take more work from him. Aameen.

078 An-Naba