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Ismail Londt

Audio Episodes: 34

- Tarawih 2016 - 16 Night - Witr0:07:26 · 5.10MB
- Tarawih 2016 - 16 Night - 40:06:27 · 4.43MB
- Tarawih 2016 - 16 Night - 30:06:45 · 4.63MB
- Tarawih 2016 - 16 Night - 20:06:00 · 4.12MB
- Tarawih 2016 - 16 Night - 10:06:10 · 4.24MB
Surah As-Sajdah0:11:06 · 7.63MB
Juz Amma1:00:37 · 27.75MB
Taraweeh 2013 Salaah 40:06:44 · 6.17MB
Taraweeh 2013 Salaah 30:07:36 · 6.97MB
Taraweeh 2013 2nd Salaah0:06:33 · 5.99MB
Taraweeh 2013 1st Salaah0:07:56 · 7.27MB
Al-Rad0:13:21 · 12.22MB
Dukhan0:01:51 · 1.69MB
Baqrah0:11:57 · 10.94MB
Hajj0:28:32 · 26.13MB
Munaafiqun, Taghabun0:09:00 · 8.25MB
Ibrahim0:19:52 · 18.19MB
Muzammil, Naba0:15:37 · 14.29MB
Nisa, Teen, Qalam0:02:01 · 1.84MB
Najm0:05:34 · 5.09MB
Nisa, Tariq0:01:51 · 1.69MB
Qaf0:01:51 · 1.69MB
Rahman0:01:51 · 1.69MB
Sajdah0:01:51 · 1.69MB
Waqiah0:11:12 · 10.26MB
Baqrah0:07:57 · 7.28MB
Dukhan0:01:51 · 1.69MB
Yasin0:11:27 · 10.49MB
Baqrah0:04:14 · 3.88MB
Ambiyaa0:25:51 · 23.66MB
Bani Israeel, Takweer0:19:44 · 18.07MB
Mutaffifeen0:01:01 · 0.93MB
AlMuzzammil0:15:47 · 10.83MB
Baqrah, Isra0:07:03 · 6.46MB

About Ismail Londt

Ismail Londt
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Country: South Africa

Ismail Londt

Shaykh Ismail Londt is a household name in the field of Tajweed, Qira’at and Quranic studies in Egypt and the world over.

At the tender age of 13, Shaykh Ismail got hold over the Hifdh of the Holy Quran and has met with success by obtaining six independent Ijazat and multiple Asanid in his fields of expertise.

Having completed formal education in Newcastle which took care of the Arabic language and Islamic studies, he is now looking to expand his options in specialization in the field of Linguistics at Unisa.

He is designated with the directorship of the Dar Ubaiy Centre and conducts lectures and symposiums at the International Peace College of South Africa not to forget he is also an eminent and prolific member of the Department of Quranic Affairs under the Muslim Judicial Council. Being on the coveted and prestigious panel for the annual Dubai International Holy Quran Awards was an opportunity granted to him on the good word of Shaikh Isa Ahmad al-Ma’sarawi.

At the Madina Institute, South Africa, Shaykh Ismail Londt renders his services as a lecturer to inspire and encourage new and fresh talent solely for the propagation of Deen and Islamic progression.

- Tarawih 2016 - 16 Night - Witr