Khalid Al Ghamdi

Audio Episodes: 21

009 At-Tawba0:42:11 · 38.62MB
014 Ibrahim0:16:30 · 15.11MB
025 Al-Furqan0:15:24 · 14.10MB
032 As-Sajda0:06:47 · 6.22MB
039 Az-Zumar0:19:33 · 17.90MB
042 Ash-Shura0:14:51 · 13.61MB
058 Al-Mujadila0:08:25 · 7.71MB
059 Al-Hashr0:07:50 · 7.18MB
060 Al-Mumtahina0:06:13 · 5.70MB
061 As-Saff0:03:43 · 3.40MB
062 Al-Jumua0:03:26 · 3.15MB
066 At-Tahrim0:05:30 · 5.04MB
068 Al-Qalam0:06:02 · 5.52MB
069 Al-Haaqqa0:05:12 · 4.77MB
076 Al-Insan0:05:09 · 4.72MB
085 Al-Burooj0:02:27 · 2.25MB
088 Al-Ghashiya0:02:00 · 1.83MB
090 Al-Balad0:01:58 · 1.80MB
091 Ash-Shams0:01:19 · 1.20MB
093 Ad-Dhuha0:01:07 · 1.03MB
095 At-Tin0:00:51 · 0.79MB

About Khalid Al Ghamdi

Khalid Al Ghamdi
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Country: Saudi Arabia

Khalid Al Ghamdi

Shaykh Khalid Bin Ali Bin Abdan Al Ablaj Al Ghamdi made his way into this world in the holy city of Mecca, belonging to the great tribe of Bani Hashim of Quraysh and Al Hassan Bin Al Khalifa Ali Bin Abi Taleb.he mastered the Holy Quran at a tender age of 16, under the supervision of  a Pakistani Shaykh.

Khaled Al Ghamdi enrolled into the Umm Al Qura University, in the discipline of Da’wa and Usul al-Deen where he garnered useful insights and a rock solid guidance under the able motivation of Sheikh Muhammad Saleh Al Habib, Sheikh Muhammad Al-Mukhtar Al Shanqiti, and Sheikh Muhammad Al Khader Al Naji. it was here that Shaykh Khaled obtained his coveted Ph.D. degree as well.

He has been an integral and inevitable part of the Saudi organization of the Holy Quran, and the Advisory Committee in the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Mecca.

His professional career as an Imam commenced at the Sheikha Bint Abdul Rahman Al Saud Masjid and the mosque of AL Khayf In Mina, following it with an illustrious job as an Imam in Masjid Al Haram on the request of the late King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud. He continues his promise to this very day albeit in pairing with Sheikh Bandar Baleela and Sheikh Yasser Al Dossary in successive years.

009 At-Tawba