Malek Shaiba Alhamd

Malek Shaiba Alhamd

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078 An-Naba0:04:30
079 An-Naziat0:04:02
080 Abasa0:03:16
081 At-Takwir0:02:15
082 Al-Infitar0:01:52
083 Al-Mutaffifin0:00:50
084 Al-Inshiqaq0:02:19
085 Al-Burooj0:02:39
086 At-Tariq0:01:20
087 Al-Ala0:01:37
088 Al-Ghashiya0:02:05
089 Al-Fajr0:03:17
090 Al-Balad0:01:45
091 Ash-Shams0:01:21
092 Al-Lail0:01:35
093 Ad-Dhuha0:00:52
094 Al-Inshirah0:00:32
095 At-Tin0:00:50
096 Al-Alaq0:01:23
097 Al-Qadr0:00:39
098 Al-Bayyina0:02:06
099 Az-Zalzala0:00:49
100 Al-Adiyat0:00:59
101 Al-Qaria0:00:45
102 At-Takathur0:00:41
103 Al-Asr0:00:16
104 Al-Humaza0:00:38
105 Al-Fil0:00:29
106 Quraish0:00:24
107 Al-Maun0:00:42
108 Al-Kauther0:00:14
109 Al-Kafiroon0:00:37
110 An-Nasr0:00:22
111 Al-Masadd0:00:33
112 Al-Ikhlas0:00:12
113 Al-Falaq0:00:22
114 An-Nas0:00:30

About Malek Shaiba Alhamd

Country: Egypt

Malek Shaiba Alhamd is the Quran reciter par excellence and of the highest repute, he was admitted into this world in 1983 in Egypt.

Like most reciters from Egypt, after completing his elementary education, Shaykh Malek too set foot into the famous Al Azhar Institute where he received formal education from the praiseworthy Sheikh Ayman Shawki. This was succeeded by procuring certification according to Hafs A’n Assem’s recitation from Al Shatibiyyah and the Sanad to our beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, not to forget a word of high appreciation from Sheikh Muhammad Jibril on having witnessed his recitation of the Holy Quran.

Sheikh Malek Shaiba Alhamd stepped into his professional world by taking up Imamate in Al Mahrousa mosque in Mohandessin, in Al Tawheed mosque in Shubra, in Al-Qadi Yahya mosque in Helmeih among a list of others.

078 An-Naba