Mohamed Abdel Hakim Saad Al Abdullah

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About Mohamed Abdel Hakim Saad Al Abdullah

Mohamed Abdel Hakim Saad Al Abdullah
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Country: Syria

Mohamed Abdel Hakim Saad Al Abdullah is the Syrian Quran reciter par excellence, which stepped into this world in 1974 in the city of Hamat.

Sheikh Mohamed Hakim sought his elementary education in the Institute of the Islamic University Al-Imam Muhammad Bin Saud in Makkah succeeded by pursuing his university studies in Umm Al Qura University, the faculty of Da’wah and Usul al-Deen.

Sheikh Mohamed Abdel Hakim routed his interests towards Deen and the knowledge of Quran recitation and nuances of Tajweed by getting certified in “Ten readings” according to Al Shatibiyyah and Al Durra recitation under the able guidance of the well-known Sheikh Sayed Kamal Sayed Salama, a reputed Azhari Shaykh. He polished his Qirat skills a notch higher by studying under the great reciters namely Sheikh Abdul Malik Muhammad Sultan, Muhammad Ibrahim Al Sharkawi and Dr. Hilmi Abdul Rauf.

Sheikh Mohamed Hakim Al-Maqamat has to his esteemed credit of mastering “Al Tilawah Al Hijazi” and also authoring excellent publications highlighting Islamic sciences namely “Al Moufid Rules in the Tajweed Science”, “Al Mamula in explaining Al Usool”.

Shaykh Hakim has had the privilege of conducting prayers as an Imam in Faqih mosque, Al Aziziyah, Mecca.