Mohamed Emad Abdel Fattah

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About Mohamed Emad Abdel Fattah

Mohamed Emad Abdel Fattah
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Country: Egypt

Shaykh Abu Abdul Rahman Mohamed Emad Abdel Fattah, of Egyptian origin, is a name that surpasses all doubts when it comes to Imamat and preaching.

After graduating from the faculty of commerce and business administration in 1988, Shaykh Mohammed Emad had a complete change of heart and shifted his interests by enrolling himself into the faculty of Usul al-Deen in 1997 where he successfully sought a certificate pertaining to the Prophet’s Hadiths and its sciences. He has also managed to procure the highest diploma in Islamic studies.

He has been certified in  Quran Hifdh according to Hafs Aan Assem’s and Warsh Aan Nafiae’s recitation and preparatory work is happening at present to get certified by Al Shatibiyyah which will be overseen by the famous Sheikh Abdul Rahim Habib.

Sheikh Mohamed Emad is at present employed at the Sharkiya directorate of the Egyptian ministry of Awqaf where he renders his services of Quran and teaching alike.