Mohammed Hashim Abdul Aziz

Audio Episodes: 73

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About Mohammed Hashim Abdul Aziz

Mohammed Hashim Abdul Aziz
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Country: Egypt

Shaykh Mohammad Hashim Abdul Aziz stepped into this world in 1983 in, Egypt and the world was endowed with a gem of a Qur’an reciter and Imam.

His educational journey saw him graduating in Osoul of the Islamic religion and advocacy from Al Azhar University. Having been taught under noteworthy and eminent Shaykhs like  Shaykh Shibli Ibrahim Matar, who certified him in the readings of  Assem, Hamza and Nafae, and Shaykh Dr. Mohammad Mahmoud Sabri Al Jab’a who helped him procure a certification of Nafae, Hamza, and Ibn Kathir, it comes as no surprise that this man was meant to lead the beacon of Islam and Quranic sciences to the epitome of success.

Presently, Sheikh Mohammad Hashim Abdul Aziz lends his services by leading prayers as an  Imam and a preacher at the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs of Egypt.