Mohammed Mustafa Al Zayat

Mohammed Mustafa Al Zayat

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001 Al-Fatiha0:00:520.80MB
003 Aal-E-Imran1:10:2332.22MB
012 Yusuf0:40:3237.12MB
018 Al-Kahf0:31:1121.42MB
019 Maryam0:19:0513.11MB
020 Ta-Ha0:24:2516.78MB
036 Ya-Seen0:16:4215.30MB
037 As-Saaffat0:22:2520.54MB
038 Sad0:16:1314.85MB
039 Az-Zumar0:23:5421.89MB
040 Ghafir0:23:4221.71MB
050 Qaf0:08:077.44MB
051 Adh-Dhariyat0:07:477.14MB
053 An-Najm0:06:566.35MB
054 Al-Qamar0:06:506.26MB
055 Ar-Rahman0:10:119.32MB
056 Al-Waqia0:10:189.44MB
057 Al-Hadid0:12:0411.05MB
066 At-Tahrim0:05:143.60MB
069 Al-Haaqqa0:06:285.92MB
075 Al-Qiyama0:03:203.06MB
077 Al-Mursalat0:04:344.19MB
078 An-Naba0:04:163.92MB
079 An-Naziat0:03:433.41MB
080 Abasa0:03:042.81MB
081 At-Takwir0:02:142.05MB
082 Al-Infitar0:01:561.77MB
083 Al-Mutaffifin0:04:083.79MB
084 Al-Inshiqaq0:02:162.08MB
085 Al-Burooj0:02:332.34MB
086 At-Tariq0:01:191.22MB
087 Al-Ala0:01:281.35MB
088 Al-Ghashiya0:01:501.69MB
089 Al-Fajr0:02:542.66MB
090 Al-Balad0:01:361.47MB
091 Ash-Shams0:01:091.06MB
092 Al-Lail0:01:321.41MB
093 Ad-Dhuha0:00:540.83MB
094 Al-Inshirah0:00:310.48MB
095 At-Tin0:00:480.74MB
096 Al-Alaq0:01:211.24MB
097 Al-Qadr0:00:360.56MB
098 Al-Bayyina0:01:451.61MB
099 Az-Zalzala0:00:460.70MB
100 Al-Adiyat0:00:530.81MB
101 Al-Qaria0:00:480.73MB
102 At-Takathur0:00:440.68MB
103 Al-Asr0:00:210.32MB
104 Al-Humaza0:00:420.65MB
105 Al-Fil0:00:350.55MB
106 Quraish0:00:300.47MB
107 Al-Maun0:00:380.59MB
108 Al-Kauther0:00:170.27MB
109 Al-Kafiroon0:00:400.62MB
110 An-Nasr0:00:260.41MB
111 Al-Masadd0:00:320.50MB
112 Al-Ikhlas0:00:170.27MB
113 Al-Falaq0:00:260.40MB
114 An-Nas0:00:370.57MB

About Mohammed Mustafa Al Zayat

Country: Egypt

Sheikh Mohammed Mustafa Al Zayat was brought into this world in 1981 in Alexandria, Egypt and is one of the most prolific and eminent names in the world of Quran Tilawat and Tajweed.

After having sought a graduate degree in Mathematics, he shifted his interests to the learning of Tajweed and this step made him enroll into the Institute of Quranic readings Al Azhari. Sheikh Mohammed Al Zayat did not contain himself here itself but went ahead and sought the guidance and expertise of prominent Shaykhs like  Sheikh Misbah Ibrahim Al Dasouqi, who certified him in “Ten Minor Readings” and Sheikh Tawfiq Ibrahim Damra who certified him in “Minor Readings” and Sheikha Oum Al Saad, daughter of Muhammad Ali Najm who certified him in Assem recitation and also a certificate according to Abi Amru Al Basri from Sheikh Abdel Hamed Yousef Mansur no to forget another important certification according to Nafie, Ibn Kathir, Al Kisa’i, and Abi Jaafar from Shaykh Muhammad Sukkar.

Sheikh Mohammed Al Zayat began his professional graph by conducting Imamat in Umm Al Mu’minin Aisha mosque, in Backus district and progressed on to render services as an Imam and a teacher of the Tajweed and the Quranic readings and the Quranic memorization in the same Masjid.

001 Al-Fatiha