Muhammad Abdul Kareem

Muhammad Abdul Kareem

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001 AlFatiha0:00:420.64MB
002 AlBaqara1:45:5496.96MB
003 AalEImran1:01:0555.93MB
004 AnNisa1:06:3260.92MB
005 AlMaidah0:52:4148.24MB
006 AlAnaam0:55:0950.50MB
007 AlAraf0:59:2854.46MB
008 AlAnfal0:22:5821.04MB
009 AtTawba0:46:0742.23MB
010 Yunus0:31:2228.73MB
011 Hud0:33:5731.10MB
012 Yusuf0:30:0827.59MB
013 ArRad0:15:0213.77MB
014 Ibrahim0:14:4413.50MB
015 AlHijr0:11:5010.84MB
016 AnNahl0:31:3628.95MB
017 AlIsra0:27:3025.18MB
018 AlKahf0:25:3123.37MB
019 Maryam0:16:1414.87MB
020 TaHa0:21:0919.37MB
021 AlAnbiya0:20:0018.31MB
022 AlHajj0:20:1518.55MB
023 AlMumenoon0:18:1316.69MB
024 AnNoor0:22:5020.91MB
025 AlFurqan0:15:2214.08MB
026 AshShuara0:22:1820.42MB
027 AnNaml0:19:3017.87MB
028 AlQasas0:23:4221.71MB
029 AlAnkaboot0:16:4915.41MB
030 ArRoom0:14:2513.20MB
031 Luqman0:08:508.10MB
032 AsSajda0:06:366.05MB
033 AlAhzab0:22:2020.45MB
034 Saba0:14:4613.53MB
035 Fatir0:13:0912.05MB
036 YaSeen0:12:1111.16MB
037 AsSaaffat0:16:4015.26MB
038 Sad0:13:1312.11MB
039 AzZumar0:20:1718.58MB
040 Ghafir0:21:1719.49MB
041 Fussilat0:15:0813.87MB
042 AshShura0:15:1113.91MB
043 AzZukhruf0:15:3114.21MB
044 AdDukhan0:06:336.01MB
045 AlJathiya0:08:407.94MB
046 AlAhqaf0:11:3010.54MB
047 Muhammad0:10:319.63MB
048 AlFath0:09:499.00MB
049 AlHujraat0:06:426.15MB
050 Qaf0:06:155.74MB
051 AdhDhariyat0:06:235.85MB
052 AtTur0:05:455.27MB
053 AnNajm0:06:095.64MB
054 AlQamar0:06:205.81MB
055 ArRahman0:07:266.82MB
056 AlWaqia0:07:076.53MB
057 AlHadid0:10:099.31MB
058 AlMujadila0:08:067.42MB
059 AlHashr0:08:177.59MB
060 AlMumtahina0:06:336.01MB
061 AsSaff0:04:093.81MB
062 AlJumua0:03:092.89MB
063 AlMunafiqoon0:03:193.05MB
064 AtTaghabun0:04:193.96MB
065 AtTalaq0:05:074.69MB
066 AtTahrim0:04:424.31MB
067 AlMulk0:05:595.49MB
068 AlQalam0:05:365.13MB
069 AlHaaqqa0:04:594.57MB
070 AlMaarij0:04:093.80MB
071 Nooh0:04:083.80MB
072 AlJinn0:04:404.29MB
073 AlMuzzammil0:03:403.37MB
074 AlMuddaththir0:04:334.18MB
075 AlQiyama0:03:052.83MB
076 AlInsan0:05:054.67MB
077 AlMursalat0:04:053.74MB
078 AnNaba0:03:353.28MB
079 AnNaziat0:03:203.06MB
080 Abasa0:02:362.38MB
081 AtTakwir0:01:511.70MB
082 AlInfitar0:01:281.35MB
083 AlMutaffifin0:03:173.02MB
084 AlInshiqaq0:01:591.82MB
085 AlBurooj0:01:581.81MB
086 AtTariq0:01:211.24MB
087 AlAla0:01:171.19MB
088 AlGhashiya0:01:401.54MB
089 AlFajr0:02:372.41MB
090 AlBalad0:01:281.35MB
091 AshShams0:01:071.03MB
092 AlLail0:01:251.30MB
093 AdDhuha0:00:470.72MB
094 AlInshirah0:00:280.43MB
095 AtTin0:00:390.61MB
096 AlAlaq0:01:151.15MB
097 AlQadr0:00:360.57MB
098 AlBayyina0:01:471.64MB
099 AzZalzala0:00:460.71MB
100 AlAdiyat0:00:470.73MB
101 AlQaria0:00:440.68MB
102 AtTakathur0:00:370.57MB
103 AlAsr0:00:200.32MB
104 AlHumaza0:00:390.60MB
105 AlFil0:00:290.45MB
106 Quraish0:00:260.41MB
107 AlMaun0:00:290.46MB
108 AlKauther0:00:160.25MB
109 AlKafiroon0:00:330.52MB
110 AnNasr0:00:240.38MB
111 AlMasadd0:00:260.41MB
112 AlIkhlas0:00:140.22MB
113 AlFalaq0:00:230.36MB
114 AnNas0:00:250.39MB

About Muhammad Abdul Kareem

Country: Sudan

Sheikh Muhammad Abdulkareem was brought into this world in 1968 in Dongola, Sudan. He has extensive mastery over the Qur’an recitation and Tajweed nuances which thanks to his psalmodic baritone has reached and made a place in the hearts of the Muslim Ummah worldwide.

He began his quest for education by graduating from the renowned King Abdul Aziz’s university in Jeddah, in the faculty of letters Islamic studies Department after which he progressed on to postgraduate and also receiving a Ph.D. in the same discipline but from the University of Khartoum.

In 1983, under the able guidance of noteworthy greats like  Sheikh Muhammad Al Sisi, and Sheikh Ahmed Sabri in Masjid Al Haram, Sheikh Muhammad Abdulkareem garnered mastery over Qur’an memorization. Getting certified was next in his well decorated education portfolio with Shaykh Muhammad Nabhan Masri with the “Seven Readings” doing the needful in 1985. In the shade of various Sheikhs and Ulema, Shaykh Abdulkareem spread his wings to grasp knowledge of “Al Rasm of the Holy Quran”, “Alfiyyah Ibn Maalik”, and “Al Aqida Al Tahawiyya”.

He was not alone in this feat and had the privilege of sharing space with stalwarts in the field of Islamic studies, Quran recitation and many other Islamic disciplines like Shaykh Al Allamah Abdel Aziz Bin Baz in Mecca and Taif, Sheikh Muhammad Al Habib Al Shanqeeti in Mecca and Shaykh Muhammad Al Saalih Al Uthaymeen.

Now, he sought to make a profession of what he had learned over the years and began by teaching the Book of Allah in Al Haram, followed by overseeing the Quran memorization seminars in Jeddah and also assisting at the University of the Holy Quran in Omdurman.

Shaykh Abdulkareem is a multitasker of sorts with him simultaneously juggling many portfolios commendably like presiding over the Islamic culture department in the faculty of “Matloub Et Al Jamiaa” and the preaching committee “Da’wa” in the legitimate association of scholars, preachers and Imams, being a coveted member of the  council of trustees of “Di Alnorin” in Khartoum, and also the advisory committee in the Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs in Sudan.

Sheikh Muhammad Abdulkareem hs to his credit authored several books and publications of outstanding merit namely  “Landmarks of Integrity in the Holy Books and Sunnah” (Thesis for Master’s Degree), “Ahl Al Qibla and their legitimate rights”: (Thesis for Doctorate), “Al Aqsa mosque”: positions and morals and “The Treatment of Waswasah” in the Aqidah.

After having commenced as an Imam and a preacher in the mosque Al Mujamma Al Islami in Khartoum city , at present, Sheikh Muhammad Abdulkareem has established himself as the Imam of Masjid Al Kawtar, in Jeddah , Saudi Arabia.

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