Muhammad Anwar Shahat

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About Muhammad Anwar Shahat

Muhammad Anwar Shahat
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Country: Egypt

Sheikh Mohamed Anwar Shahat is a name that needs no introduction is the possessor a unique, melodious and serene baritone who stepped into this world in July in 1950 in Kafr Al Wazir village, in Egypt.

Under the wings and able guidance of eminent personalities like Master Abdul-Baset, Mohammad Abdul-Samad, Mohammad Seddigh Menshawi and Mustafa Ismaeel, Mohammad Anwar was destined for the world of Qur’an recitation with having completed the Hifdh at the tender age of 8. A noted name, Sheikh Ahmed Al Farraji, blessed him by teaching him the nuances of Tajweed which further led him to start his professional career as a Quran reciter in the village of Al Wajh Al Bahri.

Currently, Sheikh Mohammed Anwar Shahat is rendering his services pertaining to Quran recitation in the  Imam Rafiîi Masjid.