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Osama Alsafi

Audio Episodes: 16

019 Maryam0:20:47 · 3.57MB
025 Al-Furqan0:16:53 · 3.87MB
046 Al-Ahqaf0:12:42 · 2.91MB
047 Muhammad0:09:28 · 2.17MB
048 Al-Fath0:10:55 · 2.50MB
049 Al-Hujraat0:07:09 · 1.64MB
050 Qaf0:07:46 · 1.79MB
058 Al-Mujadila0:10:50 · 2.48MB
059 Al-Hashr0:10:29 · 2.41MB
060 Al-Mumtahina0:08:09 · 1.87MB
061 As-Saff0:04:41 · 1.08MB
062 Al-Jumua0:03:43 · 0.86MB
063 Al-Munafiqoon0:04:08 · 0.95MB
064 At-Taghabun0:05:08 · 1.18MB
065 At-Talaq0:06:15 · 1.43MB
066 At-Tahrim0:05:55 · 1.36MB

About Osama Alsafi

Osama Alsafi
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Country: UAE

Osama Alsafi is born and brought up in the United Arab Emirates, Osama Alsafi is a Qur’an reciter par excellence and owner of a soulful and heartwarming voice.

He has mastered the nuances of Tajweed and Maqamat which has been overseen by stalwarts of the field of Quran.

Osama Alsafi has adhered to many outstanding designations namely heading the Department of Rehabilitation and Construction Studies in Dubai Municipality,being a member of the competitions unit of the Dubai International Holy Quran Award, a representative of the International Organization for the Memorization of the Holy Quran in the United Arab Emirates, and establishing the Sheikh Mohammed Noor Bin Saif Quran Memorization Center and Islamic Sciences.

His tryst with fame primarily include receiving the “Media and Chanting Award” from the international conference of Muslim youths in 2002 and the“Best Voice” award in the Doha artistic festival in 1999.

019 Maryam