Saber Abdul Hakam

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About Saber Abdul Hakam

Saber Abdul Hakam
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Country: Egypt

Sheikh Saber Abdul Hakam was gifted to this world on December 1962 in Al Braizat, Egypt. He is a shining light in the world of Quran recitation and Tajweed.

Sheikh Saber Abdul Hakam has to his credit a humbling number of certifications of reputed value namely, a certification on Hafs A’n Assem method of Tajweed “Al Shatibiyyah”, a certification based on Hafs A’n Assem’s “Tabbat Al Nachr” method, a certification based on Warsh A’n Nafiae’s method, a certification based on Imam Assem’s Tajweed and not to forget one based on the “Seven Readings” by “Al Shatibi” method.

He has given back what he learned so well in the form of teaching the same at centers of Quran memorization in Riyadh, in Al Rawd public schools in Riyadh, in Riyadh Al Salihin public school and also at the Al Fikr public schools.He also certified many Qur’an reciters from different parts of the world like Khalid bin Faleh bin Dhaidan Subaie, Yasser bin Mohammed Al Majed, Yahya bin Abdul Rahman Al Nmaza, Ihab Mohammed bin Ali Atallah, and Abdullah bin Yazid Al Angari.

Sheikh Saber Abdul Hakam started working as a Muezzin in Salahuddin mosque in Riyadh before moving on to conduct Imamat at the Abdullah Hamdan mosque in the same city. Noted greats like Sheikh Mohammed Al Sakka, Sheikh Shaker Assal and Sheikh Jamal Al Din, Shaykh Dr. Ihab Fikry Haider, Sheikh Adnan Abdul Rahman Al Aardi, Sheikh Mohammed Abdul Hamid Abdullah and Sheikh Hassan Shabrawy are just some of the names in the long list of men who has a deep impact and positive influence in the life and education of Shaykh Saber.