Salah Al-Budair

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About Salah Al-Budair

Salah Al-Budair
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Country: Saudi Arabia

Salah Al-Budair is born in Al Hofuf in Saudi Arabia, Salah Ibn Muhammad Al Budair is a renowned Imam and Qur’an reciter and preacher par excellence.

Salah Al Budair started leading prayers while he was still in the high school, in 1985. Salah graduated from Al Oum Mohamed Ben Saud Islamic University for Sharia’s studies which was followed by a specialization from the Institute of Higher learning in (Islamic) Law.

Currently, Shaykh Salah is leading prayers as the permanent Imam of the Prophet’s Mosque – Masjid E Nabawi in Medina, Saudi Arabia while simultaneously also managing the coveted designation of being a judge in the High Court of Medina.