Saleh Al Taleb

Saleh Al Taleb

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001 Al-Fatiha0:01:18
025 Al-Furqan0:14:40
034 Saba0:13:59
038 Sad0:11:26
039 Az-Zumar0:18:39
044 Ad-Dukhan0:06:01
045 Al-Jathiya0:08:18
046 Al-Ahqaf0:10:32
047 Muhammad0:09:01
055 Ar-Rahman0:07:26
056 Al-Waqia0:07:23
057 Al-Hadid0:09:24
058 Al-Mujadila0:07:43
059 Al-Hashr0:07:20
060 Al-Mumtahina0:05:54
061 As-Saff0:03:41
070 Al-Maarij0:03:53
072 Al-Jinn0:04:06
073 Al-Muzzammil0:03:12
074 Al-Muddaththir0:03:54
075 Al-Qiyama0:02:30
076 Al-Insan0:04:00
077 Al-Mursalat0:03:24
078 An-Naba0:03:23
079 An-Naziat0:03:06
080 Abasa0:02:29
081 At-Takwir0:01:48
082 Al-Infitar0:01:22
083 Al-Mutaffifin0:02:59
084 Al-Inshiqaq0:01:46
085 Al-Burooj0:01:53
086 At-Tariq0:01:02

About Saleh Al Taleb

Country: Saudi Arabia

Sheikh Saleh Al Talib, who was brought into this world in the year 1974 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is a man of many extraordinary talents and is a Qur’an reciter and preacher par excellence.

Having received his elementary education perfectly, he now sought to achieve a Bachelor’s degree from the Imam Saud University, Riyadh while progressing on to master in Comparative Islamic Jurisprudence and simultaneously in International Law from Georgetown, Washington DC, USA. He also had the good fortune of garnering a certification by the “Ten readings” thanks to the able guidance of noted Sheikh Mahmoud Omar Sukkar, Saber Hassan Abu Sulaiman, and Abdul Halim Saber Abdul Razak. He had the support and help of Shaykh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah bin Baaz and Saleh bin Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh, the Minister of Islamic Affairs, and the General Mufti of Saudi Arabia.

Having had immense amount of experience and expertise in handling the judicial requirements at the Supreme Court in Riyadh  alongside noteworthy Sheikhs like Abdul Aziz bin Ibrahim Al-Qasim, Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, head of Al Taif courts, Sheikh Talib, as is no surprise, was officially designated at the coveted position of a Judge in the High Court of Makkah, a place he has occupied till date along with being a successful Imam and Khateeb of Masjid Al Haram, Makkah.

001 Al-Fatiha