Youssef Edghouch

Youssef Edghouch

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001 Al-Fatiha0:00:430.66MB
003 Aal-E-Imran0:13:5012.67MB
055 Ar-Rahman0:06:376.06MB
067 Al-Mulk0:08:277.74MB
071 Nooh0:04:404.28MB
075 Al-Qiyama0:03:563.61MB
082 Al-Infitar0:02:232.18MB
085 Al-Burooj0:03:012.77MB
090 Al-Balad0:01:501.69MB
091 Ash-Shams0:01:461.63MB
092 Al-Lail0:02:372.40MB
100 Al-Adiyat0:01:121.10MB
105 Al-Fil0:00:340.52MB
106 Quraish0:00:300.46MB
107 Al-Maun0:00:380.59MB
108 Al-Kauther0:00:180.29MB
109 Al-Kafiroon0:00:380.58MB
110 An-Nasr0:00:270.42MB
111 Al-Masadd0:00:300.47MB
112 Al-Ikhlas0:00:160.26MB
113 Al-Falaq0:00:280.43MB
114 An-Nas0:00:420.66MB

About Youssef Edghouch

Country: Morocco

Qari Youssef Edghouch stepped into this world in Rabat, Morocco and is a unique talent whose psalmody is to reckon for a long long time.

He has been successfully certified according to the Warsh an Nafi’ and Hafs an ‘Aasim Recitation methods. He had emigrated to the USA before conducting Imamat at the Islamic Institute of Orange County alongside being designated as a director of Quranic School.

Currently, he is occupied in the position of the Founder and Instructor of Al-Quraa’ Academy, where he diligently practices  Quran memorization, recitation, and tajweed.

001 Al-Fatiha