Ramadan 2023 Appeal

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009 At-Tawba

Reciter: Hatem Fareed Alwaer


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About Hatem Fareed Alwaer

Hatem Fareed Alwaer
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Country: Egypt

Hatem Fareed Alwaer is born in the Tabloh, Alexandra, Sheikh Hatem Al Waer is a big name in his native city in the field of Quran recitation.

His father was instrumental in his successful memorization of the Quran.

Sheikh Hatem enrolled into the Al Tarbiya faculty, affiliated to Al Azhar University, Cairo to complete his education before entirely submitting himself to the world of Islam and Deen.

At present, he is doing his Imamat in Al Qaed Ibrahim mosque during Ramadan. In addition to being an Imam and a preacher in Bilal Bin Rabah mosque.