046 Al-Ahqaf

Reciter: Ibrahim Aljormy


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About Ibrahim Aljormy

Ibrahim Aljormy
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Country: Jordan

Ibrahim Aljormy is born in Lebanon in 1966 and is a Jordanian Quran reader along with being a preacher par excellence.

Shaikh Ibrahim had immense love for the Quran and hence, it came as no surprise when he managed to do the Hifz of the Book of Allah at a tender age of 7, Now to gain complete control over mastering the Quran, he learnt Quranic Tajweed nuances like  AL Jazaria, Al Shatibiyyah, Raaiat Al Khakani and Nouniat Al Sakhawi, and others. under distinguished scholars.

Sheikh Ibrahim Aljormy is fluent in the Arabic language and Shari’a sciences.

When he had officially obtained a Ph.D. in various Islamic disciplines, Sheikh Ibrahim Aljormy worked as a lecturer in Jordan and Malaysia. His most noteworthy designation is the Professor of the Tajweed in the Quranic house, the Ministry of Awqaf, Jordan, a position he efficiently maintains till date.

In the field of information and broadcasting, he has also left an indelible mark by recording and putting on air, a complete Quran Khatma, hosting a program weekly on the Jordanian radio station Hayat FM and also authoring many well-written books like “Dictionary of the Quranic Sciences”, and others.