005 Al-Ma-idah

Episodes: 184

Abdallah Kamel1:08:39
Abdel Aziz Al Ahmed0:38:39
Abdelhamid Hssain - Warsh0:36:06
Abdelmoujib Benkirane - Warsh0:51:55
Abdul Bari Mohammed1:16:18
Abdul Basit2:11:24
Abdul Basit - Warsh01:26:38
Abdul Basit - Mujawwad2:11:22
Abdul Basit - Murattal1:07:45
Abdul Mohsen Al Obeikan0:37:49
Abdul Muhsin Al Qasim0:38:21
Abdul Rahman Al Yusuf0:50:52
Abdul Rahman Jamal Aloosi1:00:47
Abdul Wadood Haneef0:40:16
Abdul-Kareem Al Hazmi0:48:47
Abdul-Munim Abdul-Mubdi1:00:26
AbdulBari ath-Thubaity0:38:49
Abdulghani Abdullah0:11:20
Abdulkabir Al Hadidi0:52:43
Abdullah Al Matrood1:05:51
Abdullah Ali Jabir0:55:06
Abdullah Awad al-Juhani00:48:17
Abdullah Basfar0:56:20
Abdullah Basfar - English Translation1:40:30
Abdullah Khayat0:43:18
Abdullah Salah Abou Al Fotouh0:57:20
Abdullahi Abba Zaria00:38:25
Abdulmohsen Al-Harthy1:03:20
Abdur Rasheed Sufi - Khalaf0:55:18
Abdur Razaq Bin Abtan Al Dulaimi1:08:54
Abdur Rahman As-Sudais00:44:53
Abu Abdullah Munir Al Tounsi1:02:08
Abu Bakr al-Shatri0:56:04
Abubakr Abduraouf0:51:23
Adil Kalbani0:45:26
Ahmad Al Hawashy0:49:52
Ahmad Khader Al-Tarabulsi1:03:42
Ahmed Al Ajmi0:53:11
Ahmed Al Misbahi0:54:25
Ahmed Amir0:58:45
Ahmed Mohamed Salama1:10:10
Ahmed Ragab0:59:03
Ahmed Saber0:56:23
Akram Al Aalakmi1:00:10
Al Ashry Omran0:53:08
Al Fateh Muhammad Zubair0:49:09
Al Husayni Al Azazi1:08:25
Ali Abdur-Rahman al-Huthaify01:05:30
Ali Barrak1:32:45
Ali Hajjaj Souissi1:10:18
Alzain Mohamed Ahmed0:50:46
Ayman Swed1:32:33
Aziz Alili0:56:06
Bandar Balila00:48:32
Bassel Abdul Rahman Raoui1:11:04
Dawood Hamza0:55:15
Eid Hassan Abu Aachra0:59:19
Emad Al Mansary0:52:07
Fares Abbad0:49:17
Fatih Seferagic00:50:45
Fouad Al Khamiri1:10:02
Hamad Sinan0:54:31
Hammam Abdel Fattah Tawfiq0:48:08
Hani Abdallah1:03:38
Hani Ar Rifai0:54:45
Hassan Saleh0:57:42
Hatem Fareed Alwaer0:55:36
Hatem Farid0:55:36
Hussam Siddiq Khoja00:46:47
Ibrahim Al Akhdar1:08:35
Ibrahim Al-Dossari1:15:33
Ibrahim Aljormy1:01:17
Ibrahim Walk - English Only00:54:23
Idriss Abkar00:57:32
Ilhan Tok0:52:52
Imad Zuhair Hafez1:03:39
Ja'afar Mahmud Adam00:45:08
Jaber Abdul Hameed1:09:23
Jamaan Alosaimi0:48:48
Jamal Shaker Abdullah0:46:38
Jazza Al Swaileh0:59:38
Karim Mansouri2:19:14
Khaled Abu Shady0:56:09
Khaled Al Qahtani0:59:29
Khalid Abdulkafi0:49:22
Khalid Al Jalil0:50:41
Khalid Al Mohanna1:01:30
Khalifa Al Tunaiji0:57:17
Laayoun El Kouchi0:56:03
Le Saint Coran traduit en francais - French Translation0:33:25
Maher Al Mueaqly0:51:28
Maher Shakhashiro0:45:35
Mahmood Al Rifai0:54:04
Mahmoud Ali Al Banna0:58:12
Mahmoud El Sheimy1:13:10
Mahmoud Khalil Al-Husary1:32:11
Mahmoud Khalil Al-Husary - Warsh01:39:45
Mahmoud Saad Darouich0:46:41
Mahmoud Sayed Eltayeb0:51:55
Majed Al-Zamil0:49:54
Marwan Salam0:49:40
Mishary Rashid Alafasy1:03:01
Moeedh Alharthi0:41:16
Mohamed Abdel Hakim Saad Al Abdullah1:02:07
Mohamed Abdel Samia Raslan0:55:53
Mohamed Abdelaziz0:41:02
Mohamed Al Mohisni0:48:41
Mohamed Al Tayeb Hamdan0:46:13
Mohamed Al-Ghurbani1:01:29
Mohamed Aljabery Al Heyani0:48:52
Mohamed Chahboun0:46:42
Mohamed El Kantaoui0:54:17
Mohamed Emad Abdel Fattah0:46:09
Mohamed Hassan0:56:22
Mohamed Maabad0:51:38
Mohamed Osman Khan0:51:02
Mohamed Shaaban Abu Qarn1:02:50
Mohamed Tablawi1:07:22
Mohammad Almonshed0:54:29
Mohammad Ismaeel Al-Muqaddim0:48:11
Mohammad Rachad Al Shareef1:00:10
Mohammed Bin Saleh Abu Zaid0:49:33
Mohanad Salem0:49:40
Mohy El-Din Al Kourdi0:57:58
Moussa Hassan Mayan0:51:42
Muftah Alsaltany0:42:43
Mufti Ismail Menk00:04:42
Mufti Ismail Menk00:42:16
Muhammad Abdul Kareem0:52:41
Muhammad Al-Aalim Al-Dokali1:00:07
Muhammad Al-Luhaidan0:53:17
Muhammad al-Mehysni0:44:57
Muhammad Anwar Shahat1:08:29
Muhammad Ayyub1:08:03
Muhammad Jibreel0:54:39
Muhammad Saleh Alim Shah0:48:46
Muhammad Siddiq al-Minshawi2:12:55
Muhammad Zarami01:21:47
Musa Bilal0:45:42
Mustafa Al Lahouni0:57:56
Mustafa Ismail0:52:51
Mustafa Raad Al Azzawi0:54:39
Mustapha Gharbi1:00:06
Nabil Ar Rifai0:56:21
Nasser Al Qatami0:57:01
Neamah Al-Hassan0:58:52
Noreen Muhammad Siddique - Al-Duri via Abu Amr00:58:20
Omar Al Kazabri1:09:58
Rachid Belaachya0:33:17
Rachid Belalia0:54:59
Saad al-Ghamdi0:50:19
Saber Abdul Hakam0:47:36
Sadaqat Ali0:47:12
Sahl Yasin0:52:27
Said Al-Shaalan0:53:22
Salah Al Hashem0:56:52
Salah Al-Budair0:43:14
Salah Ba-Uthman00:42:33
Salah Bukhatir0:49:33
Saleh Al Sahood0:57:51
Samih Taha Kandil1:00:06
Samir Belaachya1:01:38
Saud Al-Shuraim0:39:40
Sayed Ramadan0:53:14
Shahriar Parhizgar0:16:30
Shirazad Taher1:02:57
Sudais and Shuraym with Naeem Sultan01:18:35
Taha Mohamed Abdulrahman Al-Fahad0:49:41
Talaat Afifi0:52:03
Tareq Abdulgani Daawob0:58:57
Tawfeeq As Sayegh0:58:53
Wadee Hammadi Al Yamani01:00:19
Waleed Idrees Al-Maneese0:59:42
Waleed Naehi0:53:15
Yahya Hawwa0:51:40
Yassen Al Jazairi1:02:26
Yasser Al Dossari0:57:00
Yasser Al Mazroyee0:49:49
Yasser Qureshi1:08:30
Yasser Salama0:54:56
Yasser Sarhan Eldeeb1:01:19
Yousuf Alshoaey1:03:54
Yousuf Bin Noah Ahmad0:45:57
Zaki Daghistani1:15:35

Overview: Al-Ma-idah

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005 Al-Maidah

This is a Madni surah, likely to have been revealed after the Treaty of Hudaybiyyah in sixth Hijri.

The Surah derives its name from the table-spread that was sent down as a miracle to the followers of Christ.

The third verse of this surah is believed to have been the final revelation from Allaah (SWT) to the Prophet ﷺ, as it declared the completion of the religion and its perfection. This surahs details many of the permissible and prohibited articles for the believers, and steps for performing rites of worship.

Addressing the People of the Book, Allaah (SWT) asks them to believe in the Messenger ﷺ, who is a confirmation to what they had previously received. The Children of Israel are reminded of the time when they refused to enter the Holy Land, that is Palestine, as it was possessed by tyrants whom they were scared of fighting. Only two followers of Musa (AS) were willing to stand by him in this confrontation, and so Allaah (SWT) forbade them from entering for forty years.

The two sons of Adam (AS) – Haabil and Qaabil – are mentioned, where the latter killed the former and buried him following the example of a crow digging in the ground. And this serves to explain the prohibition of murder, unless for a just cause. Various capital punishments are elaborated upon, which in Islam are aimed at preventing the crimes and maintaining harmony in the society. The prohibitions on intoxicants, gambling, fortune-telling, and sacrifices to anyone other than Allaah(SWT) are stated. The sanctity of the Ka’bah and its surrounding region should be always respected and hunting is prohibited in its vicinity.

Allaah (SWT) repeatedly enjoins to judge by what He Has revealed and to not be swayed by the influences of the opposition, especially the Prophet of the Book who failed to uphold what was revealed to them. Special care must be paid to not prohibiting what has been deemed permissible by Allaah (SWT), as was wrongly done by previous nations.

Refuting the claims of Christians, whether it is calling Isa (AS) the son of God, or belief in the Trinity, Allaah (SWT) declares that both Isa (AS) and his mother, Maryam (AS) were human beings and bearers of truth. The followers of Isa (AS) wished to eat from food from the heavens, and they were granted it as a feast as well as a sign to witness the miracle of Allaah (SWT). On the Day of Resurrection, Allaah (SWT) will questions Isa (AS) if he asked to be worshipped by his followers, and he will plead ignorance of any such association, and absolve himself of their acts. Only the truth will prevail on the Day of Resurrection.


Abdallah Kamel