010 Yunus

Episodes: 276
Arabic: يُونُس
Translation: Jonah
Verses: 109

About Surah: Yunus

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010 Yunus

Surah Yunus marks the beginning of a set of three surahs, each named after a prophet, where the stories of past nations and the representatives of Allaah (SWT) sent to them are described in detail. Surah Yunus is Makki surah, and although it is named after Prophet Yunus, his story is actually described the least in this surah and there is only a quick reference to it. In fact, his story is mentioned in greater detail in Surah Saaffaat . This is a unique attribute of the Book of Allaah (SWT), in that sections are named not necessarily by the dominance of a certain theme or story contained in them, and hence the Qur’an departs from the conventional style of ordinary books of the world wherein chapters are titled to reflect the content in them.

The first half of this surah emphasizes on the blessing of the revelation of Qur’an from Allaah (SWT), describing it better than any other possession that people collect. In the present arrangement of the Qur’an, this is the first surah that narrates the story of Prophet Nuh (AS) and his people, which is repeated often hereafter. The next major story is that of prophets Musa (AS) and his brother Harun (AS), and how their people were delivered to safety from the trials of the mighty Firawn. Yunus (AS) is mentioned with respect to his followers, who are the only exception in the history of mankind to being saved from the punishment of Allaah (SWT) once it commenced upon them, as they repented sincerely.

The concluding passages reiterate that the responsibility of following the guidance is upon each individual himself and that the responsibility of Allaah (SWT) is to only save the believers. And a reminder to the Prophet ﷺ to remain steadfast and await the judgment of Allaah (SWT) concerning those who oppose him.