011 Hud

Episodes: 287
Arabic: هُود
Translation: Hud
Verses: 123

About Surah: Hud

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011 Hud

This is a Makki Surah, named after Prophet Hud (AS) who had been assigned to present the message of Tawheed to the people of Aad. These people were known to be the descendants of Saam ibn Nuh, and resided in the hills between Yemen and Oman. The people of Aad were physically well-built and tall and were skilled craftsmen who were experts in building lofty structures. They engaged in polytheism, and the chiefs of the town refused to submit to the message brought by Hud (AS) as it would mean losing their own positions of authority. They were destroyed by a fierce wind that raged on them continuously for seven nights and eight days, leaving not a single disbeliever alive.

Besides, Hud (AS), this surah mentions Nuh (AS), Saalih (AS), Shuayb (AS), Ibraaheem (AS), Lut (AS) and Musa (AS) in varying lengths of detail. All these Prophets and their people were known to the people of Arabia, as these past nations were previous inhabitants of the same region, and their ruins were still visible to the people of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

The incident of Nuh (AS) attempting to save his son from drowning in the flood is narrated to drive home the point that even blood relations cannot save each other when it comes to the punishment of Allaah (SWT), as the Prophet ﷺ and his followers saw much opposition from their relations. But the bonds of brotherhood in faith are greater to those by birth. On the other hand, Ibraaheem (AS) is mentioned with respect to his concern for his nephew, Lut (AS), who not only accepted his the former’s invitation to Tawheed but also was assigned as a prophet to the people of Sodom. All these stories served to inspire the believers and strengthened them in their faith and commitment to Islam.

Finally, Allaah (SWT) reminds the Prophet ﷺ and his followers that everything is part of His creation, and they must trust Him as He is fully aware of all that is going on around them.