013 Ar-Rad

Episodes: 305
Arabic: الرَّعد
Translation: The Thunder
Verses: 43

About Surah: Ar-Rad

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013 Ar-Rad

This surah is widely debated by scholars whether it is Makki or Madni; some believe that it is Makki but some parts were revealed as Madni, while others believe the vice versa. Nevertheless, what can be safely concluded is that it was revealed close to the migration to Madina, this is perhaps why there is a confusion regarding the exact timeline of the revelation of this surah. It derives its name Ar Ra’d, the Thunder, from the mention of thunder, that praises Allaah (SWT) along with the other creations in the Universe that engaging in glorifying Him.

Surah Ar Ra’d encourages one to reflect on all kinds of signs around him to recognize the truth that Allaah (SWT) is the creator of everything, and He Has not created anything without a purpose. The surah begins with describing some of the facets of nature, such as mountains and rivers, day and night, as a testimony to the presence of a Creator. For those who doubt resurrection, Allaah (SWT) addressed them and their repeated demands for a miraculous sign to believe, to which they are responded by saying that there are plenty of signs in the Universe for them to take heed from. For those who fail to draw any lessons from the signs of the creation, Allaah (SWT) Has sent prophets with His message so that they may follow him and submit to the truth, and be free from the bondages of the world. Those who still do not heed and oppose the prophets are destroyed by Allaah (SWT) as there is no excuse left on their part to not accept the truth, as is evident from the ruins of past nations. But the time of each nation is appointed, and Allaah (SWT) does not force anyone to believe. Those who believe and submit willingly are promised gardens of eternity with blessings that no eye has seen, while those who reject and argue against the prophets will be punished in the fire.