018 Al-Kahf

Episodes: 330
Arabic: الكَهْف
Translation: The Cave
Verses: 110

About Surah: Al-Kahf

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018 Al-Kahf

Surah Al Kahf is Makki in revelation and chronologically, the most centrally located surah in the Qur’an. It draws its importance from the encouragement of the Prophet ﷺ  to recite it every Friday, to safeguard oneself from the trials of Dajjaal, the Anti-Christ. It is named after the incident of the Youth of the Cave, which is also found not only in the Bible but also in Roman and Greek traditions, usually with the reference of “The Seven Sleepers”.

The surah narrates three more stories to highlight important lessons – the Two Men of Garden, the meeting of Musa (AS) with Al Khidr and the building of the wall to restrict Yajuj and Majuj by Dhul Qarnayn. Each of these incidents have been explained by scholars to contain important lessons in facing the difficulties brought by Dajjaal. Besides, the surah emphasizes the need to keep away from irrelevant questioning and to focus on important matters. This is the only surah to clearly mention that Iblees was from one of the jinn, and not an angel while mentioning his refusal to bow to Adam (AS) as per the command of Allaah (SWT).  

After warning the disbelievers of the gravity of them ascribing a son to the All-Mighty, the surah begins with the Story of the Youth of the Cave, who were resurrected from their sleep during the age of the followers of Prophet Isa (AS). Interestingly, the last story mentioned in this surah is about Yajuj and Majuj, who also will come forth during the (second coming) of Isa(AS).

Overall, the surah repeatedly reminds one of the approaching final days and of resurrection and exhorts the believers to put in their preparation for those difficult times, while vivid descriptions of both Paradise and Hell Fire only serve to reiterate these points.