023 Al-Muminoon

Episodes: 303
Arabic: المؤمِنون
Translation: The Believers
Verses: 118

About Surah: Al-Muminoon

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023 Al-Muminoon

This is an early Makki Surah, and derives its name from the word Al Muminoon, mentioned in the very first verse, and their qualities are elaborated upon in the subsequent ones.

People are asked to reflect on the signs that are either internal or external, that is of their own creation, or of the creation of the entire Universe, as both are a testimony to Allaah’s (SWT) supreme powers and unique abilities.

Those who are unable to reflect on these signs should then submit to the message of the prophet who is sent to them. Allaah (SWT) sent Nuh (AS) to his nation, but they rejected him, so Nuh (AS) was asked to build a ship and carry on it all forms of animal life along with the believers. Similarly, prophets were sent to succeeding generations, and they were destroyed if they rejected the invitation to Tawheed. And this continued till Allaah (SWT) sent Musa (AS) and Harun (AS) to the Children of Israel, and they were saved from the persecution of the Firawn. Thereafter, there were a number of prophets sent in succession to the Children of Israel, and Isa (AS) was the last prophet and messenger among them, but the majority rejected him and slandered his mother.

Speaking of the ills committed by the masses, Allaah (SWT) that most followers divided themselves into sects, while all the prophets were essentially preaching the same message. The wealthy perceive that their possessions are a blessing from Allaah (SWT) which they deserve, but they will be overcome with punishment suddenly for they turned away from the verses revealed from Allaah (SWT). So the disbelievers must reflect on the message of the Qur’an, which is actually addressing them and their needs, and the Prophet ﷺ received no compensation for bringing the message to them.

On the Day of Resurrection, the disbelievers will ask to be sent back to the world, but they will not be given any more chances. And the deeds will be weighed on scales, to judge who will be granted either Paradise or Hell Fire. The life on earth will appear to have been very short, even less than a day.

The surah concludes with a supplication to seek forgiveness from Allaah (SWT) and invoke His mercy.