026 Ash-Shuara

Episodes: 290
Arabic: الشُّـعَراء
Translation: The Poets
Verses: 227

About Surah: Ash-Shuara

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026 Ash-Shuara

This is a Makki Surah, and is named the poets, to address the allegation of the disbelievers that the Qur’an is poetry.

Allaah (SWT) comforts the Prophet ﷺ at the rejection of his people, who would not believe even if they saw miracles as they kept demanding from the Prophet ﷺ. If the people would reflect on the various facets of the Universe all around them, that itself was enough for them to accept the truth.

Allaah (SWT) sent Musa (AS) to Firawn to deliver the message of Tawheed, Musa (AS) was afraid of the impediment in his speech and requested his brother Harun (AS) as an aide, and Allaah (SWT) granted him his support. When they both went to Firawn and declared they were prophets of Allaah (SWT), Firawn reminded Musa (AS) of his crime of killing an Egyptian and fleeing to Madyan thereafter. Musa (AS) accepts his error but questions Firawn’s reminders when Musa (AS) asked him to set the Children of Israel free. Firawn attempted to humiliate and threatened Musa (AS), as the prophets were undeterred by his haughtiness and finally presented the miracles that Allaah (SWT) granted him. They witnessed his staff turn into a live snake, and his hand illuminated, but they dismissed it as sorcery.

They decided to organize a contest of magicians to beat the claims of Musa (AS), but when the magicians threw their ropes to create illusions, Musa’s (AS) staff turned into a snake and devoured what they had created. The magicians knew that this wasn’t magic or falsehood, and immediately submitted to the message of Musa (AS). Allaah (SWT) asked Musa (AS) to leave with the Children of Israel, they were pursued by Firawn and his army but they were drowned by Allaah (SWT) in the sea.

Prophets Ibrahim (AS), Nuh (AS), Hud (AS), Saalih (AS), and Lut (AS), among others, invited their people to Tawheed and to give up their corrupt practices, but they were rejected. Allaah (SWT) punished them for their persistence on disbelief and preventing the truth from reaching the masses.

Shuayb (AS) was sent to the people of Madyan, and he was known as Khateebul Ambiya, the speaker among the prophets, for his eloquent speech. He advised his people to not associate partners with Allaah (SWT) and give up their ways of cheating in trade. His people rejected him saying that he is an ordinary man like them, and so they were punished by a black cloud sent upon them.

The Qur’an has been described as revelation brought down by the trustworthy spirit, Jibreel (AS), in a clear Arabic language, and it has been mentioned in former revelations from Allaah (SWT).

Poets are described as those who say what they do not do, and they wander from one topic to another. But there are exceptions, who are those who believe in Allaah (SWT) and remember him much, and defend the Muslims using their poetry, like Hassan ibn Thaabit (RA).