027 An-Naml

Episodes: 289
Arabic: النَّـمْل
Translation: The Ant
Verses: 93

About Surah: An-Naml

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027 An-Naml

Surah An Naml is a revelation of the middle Makki period. It is named An Naml, The Ant, with reference to the mention of the ant who supplicates to Allaah (SWT) to be saved from being trampled by the mighty army of Prophet Sulaiman (AS) and that draws a laugh out of the prophet as he was gifted with the ability to understand the language of animals.
Although this surah begins with a brief mention of Musa (AS) and later some more prophets are quickly mentioned along with their people, it beautifully illustrates the dominion of Prophet King Sulaiman (AS) and how he utilizes his resources in the way of Allaah (SWT), resulting in the acceptance of Tawheed by the Queen of Sheba and her people. Prophet Sulaiman (AS) is exemplary in his faith, as despite all the power and grandeur at his possession, he not only attributes these blessings to be from the grace of Allaah (SWT) upon him but also reminds himself that these are actually a test to see whether he is grateful to his Lord or not.
The repeated questioning by the disbelievers about the final hour is addressed by Allaah (SWT) by directing the Prophet ﷺ to convey that he is also ignorant about it. But as a warning, the rejectors are asked to reflect over the state of the past nations who were not only described previously in this surah (and other places), but also well-known to them due to the proximity to their residences. To further this argument Allaah (SWT) provides descriptions of the day or resurrection and the signs of its advent, particularly of the strange beast that will appear from within the earth and communicate with the people.

The surah concludes with emphasis that guidance is truly from Allaah (SWT) and benefits the individual alone, while Allaah (SWT) continues to remain Praise-Worthy and All-Aware of what His servants do.