028 Al-Qasas

Episodes: 269
Arabic: القَصَص
Translation: The Stories
Verses: 88

About Surah: Al-Qasas

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028 Al-Qasas

Surah Al Qasas is mostly a Makki Surah, albeit some verses in the middle are said to be of Madni origin.

The story of Musa (AS) is repeated so often in the Qur’an, that the scholars said that it was almost that the Qur’an became Musa, in that it appears to be all about him. Nevertheless, there is no absolute repetition, and like the story of the creation of Adam (AS), each time the story or part of it is narrated from a unique point of view and to highlight a particular lesson that can be drawn from it. Surah Al Qasas begins with the story of the birth of Musa (AS) and how Allaah (SWT) always protected him from the threats to his life posed by the Firawn. In this narration, the role of the women around him – his mother, sister, foster mother and later on, his wife are also given described to acknowledge the sacrifices and contributions made by the womenfolk which is often neglected. In other words, the human aspect of the life of Musa (AS), one of the mightiest messengers of Allaah (SWT) is highlighted through this surah, especially through his remorse at accidentally killing one of the soldiers of Firawn.

The second half of this surah argues how this revelation could not have been from anyone but Allaah (SWT), and warnings are given to those who reject by reminding them of the fate of previous nations. The time of Musa (AS) is alluded to again by mentioning Qarun, who was buried in the earth with his wealth as a punishment for his arrogance and disbelief.

The surah concludes with reminding the Prophet ﷺ of his duty to deliver the message to those around him and to not be afraid of their threats, for similar difficulties were faced by previous prophets, such as Musa (AS), before him.