029 Al-Ankaboot

Episodes: 184

Abdallah Kamel0:24:14
Abdel Aziz Al Ahmed0:15:45
Abdelhamid Hssain - Warsh0:14:20
Abdelmoujib Benkirane - Warsh0:21:34
Abdul Bari Mohammed0:27:53
Abdul Basit0:47:46
Abdul Basit - Warsh00:25:58
Abdul Basit - Mujawwad0:48:01
Abdul Basit - Murattal0:24:47
Abdul Mohsen Al Obeikan0:15:08
Abdul Muhsin Al Qasim0:15:08
Abdul Rahman Al Yusuf0:18:53
Abdul Rahman Jamal Aloosi0:22:28
Abdul Wadood Haneef0:13:31
Abdul-Kareem Al Hazmi0:05:28
Abdul-Munim Abdul-Mubdi0:20:32
AbdulBari ath-Thubaity0:14:06
Abdulkabir Al Hadidi0:16:48
Abdullah Al Matrood0:21:08
Abdullah Ali Jabir0:18:20
Abdullah Awad al-Juhani0:16:00
Abdullah Basfar0:18:45
Abdullah Basfar - English Translation0:37:56
Abdullah Khayat0:14:53
Abdullah Salah Abou Al Fotouh0:21:42
Abdullahi Abba Zaria00:20:19
Abdulmohsen Al-Harthy0:18:05
Abdur Rasheed Sufi - Khalaf0:19:58
Abdur Razaq Bin Abtan Al Dulaimi0:25:27
Abdur Rahman As-Sudais00:15:03
Abu Abdullah Munir Al Tounsi0:22:26
Abu Bakr al-Shatri0:33:18
Adil Kalbani0:15:28
Ahmad Al Hawashy0:18:57
Ahmad Khader Al-Tarabulsi0:19:45
Ahmed Al Ajmi0:21:14
Ahmed Al Hodaifi0:21:11
Ahmed Al Misbahi0:17:38
Ahmed Amir0:23:32
Ahmed Mohamed Salama0:23:35
Ahmed Saber0:20:42
Akram Al Aalakmi0:20:59
Al Ashry Omran0:19:59
Al Fateh Muhammad Zubair0:16:02
Al Husayni Al Azazi0:20:52
Ali Abdur-Rahman al-Huthaify00:23:01
Ali Barrak0:30:09
Ali Hajjaj Souissi0:23:37
Alzain Mohamed Ahmed0:17:37
Ayman Swed0:32:00
Aziz Alili0:20:41
Bandar Balila00:20:11
Bassel Abdul Rahman Raoui0:29:54
Dawood Hamza0:18:11
Eid Hassan Abu Aachra0:21:19
Emad Al Mansary0:15:49
Fares Abbad0:18:27
Fatih Seferagic00:17:07
Fouad Al Khamiri0:16:24
Hamad Sinan0:19:05
Hammam Abdel Fattah Tawfiq0:17:29
Hani Abdallah0:25:20
Hani Ar Rifai0:20:15
Hassan Saleh0:20:38
Hatem Fareed Alwaer0:19:18
Hatem Farid0:19:18
Hesham Abdelbary0:21:49
Hussam Siddiq Khoja00:16:55
Ibrahim Al Akhdar0:25:43
Ibrahim Al-Dossari0:24:41
Ibrahim Aljormy0:22:29
Ibrahim Walk - English Only00:21:33
Idriss Abkar00:23:10
Ilhan Tok0:17:44
Imad Zuhair Hafez0:20:52
Ja'afar Mahmud Adam00:15:41
Jaber Abdul Hameed0:25:53
Jamaan Alosaimi0:17:43
Jamal Shaker Abdullah0:16:25
Jazza Al Swaileh0:19:24
Karim Mansouri0:50:20
Khaled Abu Shady0:19:53
Khaled Al Qahtani0:21:37
Khalid Abdulkafi0:18:31
Khalid Al Jalil0:20:08
Khalid Al Mohanna0:24:43
Khalifa Al Tunaiji0:20:12
Laayoun El Kouchi0:21:01
Le Saint Coran traduit en francais - French Translation0:11:52
Maher Al Mueaqly0:15:44
Maher Shakhashiro0:16:12
Mahmood Al Rifai0:22:31
Mahmoud Abu Al-Wafa al-Saidi1:00:57
Mahmoud Ali Al Banna0:18:36
Mahmoud El Sheimy0:25:12
Mahmoud Khalil Al-Husary0:33:46
Mahmoud Khalil Al-Husary - Warsh00:33:06
Mahmoud Saad Darouich0:16:27
Mahmoud Sayed Eltayeb0:20:44
Mishary Rashid Alafasy0:21:25
Moeedh Alharthi0:15:30
Mohamed Abdel Hakim Saad Al Abdullah0:21:49
Mohamed Abdel Samia Raslan0:21:13
Mohamed Abdelaziz0:14:51
Mohamed Al Mohisni0:16:58
Mohamed Al Tayeb Hamdan0:23:13
Mohamed Al-Ghurbani0:23:08
Mohamed Aljabery Al Heyani0:21:18
Mohamed Chahboun0:17:13
Mohamed El Kantaoui0:18:07
Mohamed Emad Abdel Fattah0:17:34
Mohamed Hassan0:18:53
Mohamed Maabad0:18:44
Mohamed Osman Khan0:19:05
Mohamed Shaaban Abu Qarn0:22:45
Mohamed Tablawi0:18:27
Mohammad Almonshed0:19:15
Mohammad Ismaeel Al-Muqaddim0:18:01
Mohammad Rachad Al Shareef0:22:28
Mohammed Ayoub Abu Mazen0:19:25
Mohammed Bin Saleh Abu Zaid0:13:41
Mohy El-Din Al Kourdi0:20:13
Muftah Alsaltany0:16:51
Mufti Ismail Menk00:14:41
Muhammad Abdul Kareem0:16:49
Muhammad Al-Aalim Al-Dokali0:21:08
Muhammad Al-Luhaidan0:19:03
Muhammad al-Mehysni0:18:54
Muhammad Anwar Shahat0:23:09
Muhammad Ayyub0:24:36
Muhammad Jibreel0:20:58
Muhammad Saleh Alim Shah0:17:09
Muhammad Siddiq al-Minshawi0:40:31
Muhammad Zarami00:30:42
Musa Bilal0:15:04
Mustafa Al Lahouni0:20:33
Mustafa Ismail0:23:29
Mustafa Raad Al Azzawi0:19:15
Mustapha Gharbi0:21:30
Nabil Ar Rifai0:18:34
Nasser Al Qatami0:20:14
Neamah Al-Hassan0:22:47
Noreen Muhammad Siddique - Al-Duri via Abu Amr00:21:19
Omar Al Kazabri0:22:57
Raad Mohammad al Kurdi00:22:16
Rachid Belaachya0:13:47
Rachid Belalia0:18:51
Rachid Ifrad0:32:25
Saad al-Ghamdi0:19:39
Saber Abdul Hakam0:18:17
Sadaqat Ali0:15:14
Sahl Yasin0:18:47
Said Al-Shaalan0:17:01
Salah Al Hashem0:20:33
Salah Al-Budair0:15:48
Salah Ba-Uthman00:17:53
Salah Bukhatir0:17:06
Saleh Al Sahood0:21:59
Sami Al Dosari0:21:26
Samir Belaachya0:20:06
Saud Al-Shuraim0:13:44
Sayed Ramadan0:19:36
Shahriar Parhizgar0:20:11
Shirazad Taher0:22:04
Sudais and Shuraym with Naeem Sultan00:26:31
Taha Mohamed Abdulrahman Al-Fahad0:19:01
Talaat Afifi0:18:58
Tareq Abdulgani Daawob0:21:49
Tawfeeq As Sayegh0:19:48
Wadee Hammadi Al Yamani00:21:46
Waleed Atif0:21:00
Waleed Idrees Al-Maneese0:20:50
Waleed Naehi0:17:39
Yahya Hawwa0:17:37
Yassen Al Jazairi0:21:57
Yasser Al Dossari0:19:36
Yasser Al Mazroyee0:18:37
Yasser Qureshi0:24:03
Yasser Salama0:19:48
Yasser Sarhan Eldeeb0:22:17
Yousuf Alshoaey0:20:31
Yousuf Bin Noah Ahmad0:17:35
Zaki Daghistani0:26:46
Ziyaad Patel00:15:26

Overview: Al-Ankaboot

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029 Al-Ankaboot

This is a late Makki Surah, although the beginning passage is believed to be Madni. It derives its name from the mention of spider, specifically the web of the spider.

The surah begins will reminding the believers that their faith will be inevitably tested, and their declaration of faith alone will not admit them into Paradise. Describing the attitude of hypocrites, Allaah (SWT) says that the difficulties they have to endure in His way as punishment, but if they see any success then they rush to stake their claim, but such people will be exposed. No person will carry the sin of another, and each will be accountable for his actions.

Nuh (AS) invited his people to Tawheed for nine hundred and fifty years, but they did not heed and were drowned. Similarly, Ibrahim (AS) tried to reason with his people the futility of worshipping stone idols, but they turned him out. He was believed by Lut (AS), his nephew, who was also made a prophet and sent to Sodom. The people of Sodom engaged in homosexuality and were destroyed after they refused to abstain from such corruption, including the wife of Lut (AS) who was loyal to the people and betrayed the cause of her husband instead. Similar was the responses of the people of Aad, Thamud, and Madyan, and each met with similar fate.
It is easy upon Allaah (SWT) to repeat the creation, which He created the first time, so the astonishment of the disbelievers at being resurrected from bones and dust in unfounded. Those who associate partners with Allaah (SWT) are compared to the web of the spider, which traps the prey in its net, yet is fragile and can be destroyed with little force.

To repeated demands of miracles and special signs by the polytheists, Allaah (SWT) says that it’s enough that the Qur’an has been sent down upon the Prophet ﷺ, which is both a source of mercy and guidance only if they would heed from it. Those who sincerely seek guidance, Allaah (SWT) will surely guide him on His Path.


Abdallah Kamel