030 Ar-Rum

Episodes: 287
Arabic: الرُّوم
Translation: The Romans
Verses: 60

About Surah: Ar-Rum

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030 Ar-Rum

This is late Makki Surah, and is named Ar-Rum, the Romans, since the defeat of the Romans at the hands of the Persians is informed about as well as their victory in a few years is foretold.

The Romans were followers of the Christ, although they had deviated from his original teaching. Nevertheless, they were closer in their beliefs to the Muslims, as compared to the Persians. So the defeat of Romans delighted the disbelievers in Makkah, while it grieved the Muslims, but Allaah (SWT) revealed that in few years the Romans would be victorious again, and this became true. This prediction filled the believers with hope, although their enemies continued to mock them.

Allaah (SWT) asks to reflect over the various facets of Universe and to realize how they all point to the power of Allaah (SWT) Who Has created everything perfectly and is directing their course. It is also a sign from Allaah (SWT) as to how he instilled love and mercy between spouses, who find each other a source of tranquility.

The disbelievers rejected the concept of Resurrection and Reckoning before Allaah (SWT), saying that how could they be brought alive again after they turned into dust. But Allaah (SWT) reminded them that He created them and everything else the first time, so how was it any difficult to repeat it again. And on the Day of Resurrection, the disbelievers will feel as if they stayed on earth for only an hour or so.

The Qur’an presents every kind of example for those who are seeking guidance, but those who want to persist in disbelief will not see the truth. For their deliberately turning away from the truth sent down by Allaah (SWT), their hearts have been sealed from any further good reaching them.