031 Luqman

Episodes: 312
Arabic: لُقْمان
Translation: Luqman
Verses: 34

About Surah: Luqman

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031 Luqman

This is an early Makki Surah, and its named after Luqman the Wise, whose legend was well known among the Arabs. He was of African descent and worked as a slave skilled in carpentry. He was very conscious of protecting himself from immoralities and engaging in good. Scholars have differed whether he was a prophet or not. This surah quotes his advice to his son.

The surah begins with describing the Qur’an as wise, as well as guidance and mercy for those who seek to do good. Often in the Qur’an, Allaah (SWT) asks the believers to do utmost good to their parents and be obedient to them, but here it is specified that obedience should never result in disobedience to Allaah(SWT).

Allaah (SWT) states that He granted wisdom to Luqman, who advised his son against associating partners with Allaah (SWT), deeming it as a great injustice. He exhorts him to offer prayers and give charity regularly, while also bear patiently any difficulty and not be haughty among the people.

Among the many signs of Allaah (SWT), is how the ships sail on the oceans. Even the polytheists call on Allaah (SWT) alone if the ship is rocked by waves and they fear being drowned, but once they reach safety, they forget the favor of Allaah (SWT) on them.

The keys of the Unseen are with Allaah (SWT) alone, as He only knows when the Hour of Resurrection will be established, as well as the state of the fetus in the womb. No one but Him knows what they will earn or what will be the place of their death. Allaah (SWT) is All-Knowing of everything.