032 As-Sajda

Episodes: 327
Arabic: السَّـجْدة
Translation: The Prostration
Verses: 30

About Surah: As-Sajda

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032 As-Sajda

This is a late Makki Surah, and derives its name from the act of prostrations done by believers in the sign of Allaah (SWT) mentioned in the middle of the surah.

The Prophet ﷺ was sent to the Arabs who had not previously received Divine Revelation, in contrast to the Children of Israel who had received prophets in succession since Musa (AS) and until Isaa (AS). Allaah (SWT) gave Torah to Musa (AS) which was their source of guidance.

The equivalent of one day near Allaah is a thousand years of our days.
Allaah (SWT) promises the blessings of Paradise for the believers who strove to do utmost good, but no one can imagine the beauty of what’s in store for them. 

The disbelievers demanded to know when will the victory that’s promised to the believers become a reality, the Prophet ﷺ is asked to tell them that they should worry about their own disbelief as it will not avail them to believe on that day.