039 Az-Zumar

Episodes: 285
Arabic: الزُّمَر
Translation: The Troops
Verses: 75

About Surah: Az-Zumar

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039 Az-Zumar

This is a middle Makki Surah, and its title refers to the groups of either sinners or believers that will be taken to their respective abodes on the Day of Resurrection.

Those who associated partners with Allaah (SWT) justified it claiming that their deities were a means of gaining proximity to Allaah (SWT).

Describing the Qur’an, Allaah (SWT) says that it’s a revelation which has been consistent in its message. Those who fear Allaah (SWT), they shudder from its recitation but also find solace in the remembrance of their Lord. It has been revealed in Arabic, and every kind of example that is of benefit has been presented through it.

It is typical of men that when they find themselves in any difficulty, they immediately turn to Allaah (SWT), but if they receive any blessing, they consider themselves to have deserved it. Addressing those who have sinned, Allaah (SWT) asks them to not despair of His mercy, but to seek forgiveness and return to Him.

The horn will be blown twice; the first blowing will lead to the death of everyone that’s alive on earth, followed by another blowing after a certain gap that will awaken every person from their grave.The sinners will be driven in groups to the Hell-Fire, and nothing will avail them on that day. While the believers will be taken in groups to Paradise, and they will be welcomed and greeted with salutations of peace.

On the Day of Resurrection, angels will surround the Throne of Allaah (SWT), and the praise will be only for Him.