042 Ash-Shura

Episodes: 288
Arabic: الشُّوری
Translation: The Consultation
Verses: 53

About Surah: Ash-Shura

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042 Ash-Shura

Surah Ash-Shura is a middle Makki Surah and draws its name from the practice of the believers to consult one another, among other qualities described them.

Beginning from Surah Ghaafir, are a group of seven surahs that initiate with the Huroof Muqattaat – Haa Meem. Such disjointed letters, such as Alif Laam Meem, Yaa Seen, Noon etc. are found at the beginning of twenty-nine surahs in the Qur’an, and only Allaah (SWT) knows their true meaning, even though scholars have tried to understand and explain possible interpretations. The surahs that begin with Haa Meem follow in succession – Ghaafir, Fussilat, Ash-Shoora, Az Zukhruf, Ad-Dukhan, Al Jaathiyah and Al Ahqaaf, and these are considered to focus on inviting people to the Tawheed. This is the only surah that has two sets of Huroof Muqattaat in succession in two ayahs – Haa Meen and Ayn Seen Qaaf.
The Qur’an was revealed in Arabic as it was the language of the people of Makkah, the mother of cities, to whom the Prophet ﷺ was sent. The revelation has to be easily understood by the people so that they can act upon it. The religion of all the prophets is the same, and they all invited to Tawheed.

The rewards of Allaah (SWT) are the believers who rely on Allaah (SWT), avoid sins, forgive even when angry, establish prayer, spend from Allaah (SWT) Has given them, consult each other and defend themselves when they are struck by injustice. It is fair for one who has been wronged to avenge himself; although forgiving is better but requires patience and resolve.

Allaah (SWT) Has not spoken to any person directly, but it has been either from behind a veil or through a messenger or by revelation. The Prophet ﷺ received revelation through Jibreel (AS), and prior to this, he was unaware of revelation or aspects of faith.